12x365 #16: Getting Old

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Imogen Heap - Tidal (demo version)

I wish she would release this version of Tidal because it has so much emotion in it. Not to say that the Ellipse version doesn’t, but this is a completely different Tidal with its own palette and its own story. Unfortunately, the most you’ll hear of this version is in these twelve seconds or a couple more seconds on the Story of Ellipse film.


I played a few short songs at George’s Jamboree the other night, including a couple of brand new numbers…

  1. Manifesto
  2. Trousers
  3. Unique
  4. Getting Old
  5. Yep
  6. Deli Peril

[Ben Walker’s 12-second songs at George’s Jamboree]

Bout to go in on a Fandom

What is the fucking purpose of The Maze Runner? its like a watered down version of Stand by me, and Lord of the Flies?…This plot is vague, and has yet to have revealed anything substantial in the last 1hr 12seconds. That’s a long time of not knowing a damn thing. I understand this is based of a book, so if this is an accurate translation of a novel than I could assume that one could be reading many chapters and not getting any type of crucial information as to the plot. So far All  I have gotten is “I am stuck” “I don’t know My name” “there is a maze” “The maze has different passages” “There are scary things in the maze, but we don’t know much about them, we’ve been here three years” How is it that a group of boys who have been stuck together three years are just know discovering something about the maze, but only after a newcomer has arrived? So no one thought to kill a creature? No? No? Anyone? The most they done is map, and the map is not finished, they still don’t understand why it changes, but mind you, It’s been three damn years. This film is so frustrating it makes me want to read the book, cause I feel like Kayne talking to Sway.


And then The end…so damn cliche “You are part of a bigger picture” “This is a test” narrative. Yeah, nope this feels like twilight to me, its film for film sake. Somethings just don’t work. Of course stay tuned for pointless sequels.

Veggie & Egg Breakfast Burrito🙌
1 #Egg + 1 Egg White
(Whisked w/ 1tsp of water)
Chopped #Veggies *#mushrooms and #broccoli in this one*
Tortilla (This is sundried tomato basil)
Heat #coconutoil in skillet - saute veggies on medium, lower the heat and pour over whisked egg mixture. Season with salt and pepper.
Scramble the eggs and cook through.
Lay out tortilla (to make it more pliable heat in microwave for 10-12seconds). Top with cheese, avocado, scrambled eggs and fresh #babyspinach. Tuck in the sides, roll up, and back to the same skillet the eggs were prepared in. Press down and let brown on both sides. Cut and serve *#siracha is my “salsa” of choice here!😉 #healthyeats #healthylife #eatthis #cleaneats #breakfast #burrito #delish #instafood #instagood #yummy #instabreakfast #breakfastburrito #eggcellent #simplehealthydelish #foodporn #foodie #foodlover #keepitsimple #riseandshine #breakfastofchampions by simplehealthydelish http://ift.tt/1AjxYlw

This is a quick play blast that happens to run for 12seconds. This is walk cycle test. I was trying to sort out the pace/timing for his walk. I wanted him to walk slowly as stereotypically elders do not tend to walk very fast.