A New Day, A Better Day

Maybe it’s in comparison to yesterday’s disaster of a day but today has been a little better, not 100% but at least it’s an improvement.

I weighed myself this morning and I was 128lbs, not ideal but at least it’s not 129.4lbs like yesterday. I am giving myself until the end of the month to get back down to 125lbs healthily…. remember HEALTHILY, lots of gym and lots of fruit and veg.

I went to my therapist today and I felt like I wasn’t broken enough to be there but maybe it was due to the fact that it was junkie day at the hospital, so many junkies, I tried to set myself aside by looking all clear eyed and receptive. I didn’t get much from today’s session though, she asked me to stop saying ‘should’ and start using ‘could’ because it puts less pressure on oneself and therefore squashes the potential to FAIL. We were also talking about my ‘real self’ and my ‘ideal self’ and how I get lost in trying to be everything for everyone that I fog up who I really am. 

I came home to a nice cup of tea and geared myself up to go to the gym. I done 20mins running at 11km/hr and 5mins walking, I rowed for 10mins and done some weights, core, and stretching. All-in-all, I was quite pleased with myself, that was until I got home and binged. I had a lovely soy fruit homemade smoothie but then I ate a shit-load of dried fruit and nuts, a marzipan praline log, an xmas pudding with cream and custard. I through up sooooo much, because I remembered to drink some water in between so I didn’t have to try so hard to purge.

I walked down town to meet Jason and we walked up together and for dinner I had, boiled salad potatoes with a tub of hummus and smoked salmon. Still not sure about the healthiness of my dinners though, I’m not sure how it’s sitting at the moment but I know if Jason were to leave now, I would binge again.

Tomorrow shall be a packed day though, I have a doctor’s appointment at 9:30 so I can be up nice and early and I have a few errands to do in town so I will have lots of walking done. I am already daydreaming about tomorrow’s binge though, chocolate and biscuits and yum yum yum, I feel like I’ve let myself down already.

ive eaten and exercised well today:}}}} oh and im so happy about it.

i havnt had a cigarette either. day 2! 

dad popped out of nowhere and wanted to take me to lunch today and i was afraid i would take advantage of the opportunity to binge, but i actually only had half of a blt and a few bites of salad with a little cottage cheese. plus ive exercised 3 times today. so im really excited. im going to do a weigh in on wednesday  when i go to stay with my mom because there are no scales at my boyfriends house:/. but it just makes it that much more exciting when i do get to weigh myself:] 

 ill post my intake for the day later after i have dinner. if i do. 


I have been judged for me image. I have pushed myself down because i don’t like what i look like. No more, i want that body that i have dreamed about for almost 3 years. I don’t want to be the weak one in my friend group. I don’t want to be afraid of people wanting to pick me up because then they will know that i’m heavy. No more fear, i’m doing this for me and no one else. Bring it on!!

May 15, 2011

As previously mentioned, I’m not particularly fond of running outdoors. I can’t pace myself. When it became apparent, around noon, that I simply was not making it to the gym before I had to get into work. I pulled my MP3 player out of my purse and forced myself out the door.

First minute, discover weather only looks nice from inside. I love a nice, rainy, grey day; when they are cool & paired with a chill-till-you-hit-bone North Wind…. not so much.

Second minute, MP3 player has been left on. Batteries are dead.

I did a short warm up, and took myself for 1.74 miles around the manor. It took about 22-23 minutes. I did feel amazing getting back inside and well rewarded by an enhanced mood. Another plus is that I was able to use: MAPMYRUN. A website that I find very inspiring but have little actual usage for.

I’m tagging this a progress run, I hope to compare future stats for this route and see if my outdoor running is moving along like my treadmill workouts.

erickaxalvarez said:

You're seriously such a babe and an inspiration to me. I went to a nutritionist two weeks ago because I'm overweight for my height and needed to get back on track with eating healthy and exercising. He told me to limit my work outs strictly to cardio but it's so boring. Do you have any tips for toning up? I love weight training, it's all I do when I go to the gym (besides a half hour of cardio).

I’m also overweight for my height apparently. I’m 5’1 128lbs. That shit is bullshit. The only cardio I do is lift. You 100% do not need a treadmill or anything else besides weights, Lift lots of reps an lots of sets, that’s your cardio. 80% of it is your diet.

Ahksha Laurel (pronounced Ahh-khaa-sha)

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~ Her ears will wiggle alot if she takes a liking to you.

~Chumhandle is promiscuousOrcastrator

~Has a very silky, sultry like voice

~Quirks are she replaces y with ¥ and s with 2.


haha I finally got around to posting her to this blog yaaaay

anonymous said:

Maybe you shouldn't wear tank tops. If you were average, then okay. But you're too skinny.

I’m 5’4, 128lbs with size 34C breast and size 26 waist, im not skinny nor average, I am sexy and curvy.

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I lost 10lbs in 24 days!! I’m still in shock. Working out 5-6 days a week/burning over 1000 calories a day, drinking 9 cups of water, three cups of green tea with lemon/lime/mint leaves, and counting calories has assisted me. If I keep this up by December I should be 128lbs. Yass, bandage dresses here I come. 

anonymous said:

Hi I'm 5,6 and weight about 128lbs. I want to tone up and become a little slimmer. Do you have any tips?

Running, cardio workouts, basically be active and i’m sure you’ll see results. Good luck :) 

And the Results of Welcome week are...

Im back at 128lbs

But i’ve drank more than I have in a long time. And i’ve been eating a ton of sugar. 

Not that this weekend being labor day will help. But I am super excited to get back to having a schedule and eating healthy and working out regularly. I am planning on adding some quick mini workouts to my “life” binder so that I can easily reference them when I feel like I have no time. I am also going to include some fast/easy but healthy dinner recipes. Right now before class REALLY starts I am trying to eliminate all obstacles. 

Getting under 120lbs is the goal for the semester!!