JYJ's beginning? TVXQ's comeback anniversary? too many dates. i can only remember december 26, 2003.

not bashing. just saying. i have a short-term memory fyi. so 1 date is enough for me.

it's been 9 years since 5 badly dressed singers with horrible hair took to the stage and changed our lives forever.

so today, lets remember what brought us together in the first place, the things we have accomplished, and everything we have to be proud of. not the crap thats gone down, the pain, the hurt, the politics. 

today, cassiopeia, we remember why there is a song called Proud that five men can’t sing with out crying. today we look back on all the awards we have won, all the shows we have attended, the stadiums we have filled, the friends we would never have met, the things have made us who we are today. today we remember all the times we’ve laughed with them, and sometimes at them, we remember things like ‘i really wanna touch myself’, and the best game ever invented 'everybody hates kim junsu’, we remember how to count in intervals of 3 in japanese, we remember jaejoong and changmin singing it’s raining men on national television without changing one fucking lyrics and yoosu + the ho doing backing vocals and that horribly cheesey dance, we remember paris, and bora bora, and all the batshit crazy things these idiots got up to in the past 9+ years. today we look in our closets and realize just how many clothes we have bought simply because its somewhat similar to something one of them wore that one time to that one thing, we do not regret the fact that we have spent a small fortune on cds and repackaged cds and dvds and concert tickets and travel to concerts and could have fueled a small country for a month with that money because its worth it. its all worth it. because today we wear our red proud, holding the past close to our hearts, and looking forward to whatever the future may bring.

because 9 years ago five badly dressed men with horrible hair took the stage and started it all.

Happy Anniversary.

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11 years ago, around 9 hours ago, today on December 26, 2003, we lost someone really special in our family. Watching down from Heaven, I know you’re always there. Kuya Marc Sheen Mestidio. Passed away at 23. Too soon. I love you and I miss you bro. RIP #090280 #122603 @marinarahhh @marcussheen