I opted to go with the gym today because of photo #1…It was actually hailing when I left work… When I left the gym I was greeted by photo #2… Seriously?!?! Mother Nature is one CRAY CRAY bitch!!! But bi-polar weather aside, I had a good gym workout doing W2 D2 of my C25K training and then hitting the core machines for 100+ crunches and sit-ups!! Incentive for my efforts = 12 minutes in the tanning bed…. AHHHH!!!!

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Whoa so my post got 5 notes in 12 hours and then somehow you found it and made it 40 notes in 12 minutes thank you omg (Your blog is awesome by the way, big fan)

Can’t remember if I saw it in the tags or on my dad but it made me laugh. So I reblogged.

Thank you for the laugh!

Do u ever get tired while lying in your bed and you’re like oh fuck the lights still on and I gotta brush my teeth but you’re like ok I’ll have a power nap and in like 12 minutes I’ll get motivated and get ready for bed and then you wake up like four hours later and there’s a bird chirping outside and you’re like wtf am I doing with my life man

i remember once i tried talking to this pretty cute 17 year old on here and we both liked pokemon and he was so close like 12 minutes away but my charms were not working on this one ill tell u that much like he was not as excited as i was like shit if he was into me we wouldve had so much fun i guess he wasnt into short guys  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Good news and bad news in the Locktender camp: 

The bad news is that we’ve put Friedrich on hold indefinitely. We’ve been re-shuffling a lot of things around, and with everyone’s lives growing and evolving, so has the band.

The good news is that we’ve just finished tracking our new album titled “Busey”. Based on the life’s work of Gary Busey, this 3 song double LP will span the course of his illustrious career. Starting with a sweeping post-rock infused 29 minute song titled “Predator 2”, the album then takes a quick and energetic turn with the 2 minute song “The Buddy Holly Story”. The last track, “Rookie of the Year” starts its 32 minute run-time off slow, but builds to a 12 minute long climax you wont want to miss.

"Lethal Weapon", a 9 minute song dedicated to Busey’s role in the movie was too long for the album, so we’re releasing it on a split 11" with Yusuke, scheduled for a fall release.

We’re really excited to share this with you. Keep an eye out for “Busey” this summer, and we’ll be playing select tracks off of the LP on tour coming up in a few days. More details when they become available.


the struggle (x)


Halloween meme » [3] characters I’d like to dress up as: frank the bunny rabbit