Day 11 - Even the Innocent may be taken.

Today was a mournful day. I woke up finding out my 2 year old nephew had passed away at 6:19am. He needed a heart bypass, but didn’t make it. It was so heartbreaking. Especially for the family since it was their first newborn. A funeral ceremony was held, turnout for the support was immense. Family, friends and colleagues mourned for little Idris. The look on the mother and fathers facials said it all though. I had never seen my cousin cry that much in my entire life. It was so heartbreaking watching them. But the comfort of the uncle spoke “As an action of God, everything happens for a reason”. As a pure soul of an innocent child, it was reassured that he had his place in heaven. Hopefully that is true, may god bless his soul. You’ll be forever loved throughout your family, RIP Idris.

why the fuck am i not in bed yet


i blame you, sexy picture of matt smith i blame you because i don’t have any other reasons

i do

but you’re fun to blame anyway

why am i talking to a 2d picture on a screen