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// need-victims should not have asked me to help him look for a new car.

Because that turns into me looking at cars…all day…and going “OOOH I want this one!”

and then I stumble on a 2014 Scion FRS with 11k miles on it…for $21,000 literally 15 miles from my house… That’s a $27,000 car brand new.

and I can’t afford to get a new car too…

HNNG… *sobs* Dammit wedding and broken SUV! That’s where all our money has to go…not my sports car… XD Damn you responsibilities!


"I love playing Oliver as sort of the older, curmudgeon-y, non-superpowered superhero…with, you know, this little dickhead zipping around me. I love Grant Gustin. I love him so much.”
                                                  Stephen Amell


I am super excited! I figured I should do something for yall since I didn’t do much when I hit 10,000 followers.

So, recap:

If you reblog this you get a chance to receive two drawings of whatever you wish. There will only be two winners. Winners are drawn from a randomizer.

Ends on the 28th of this month!

Have at it!!!


"He accelerated; so, many feet above. He was winning, gaining on the Snitch with every second — then — three dementors, three tall, black, hooded dementors, were looking up at him. An intense cold swept over him. Harry felt his own breath catch in his chest. The cold went deeper than his skin. It was inside his chest, it was inside his very heart. Harry’s eyes rolled up into his head. He couldn’t see. He was drowning in cold."

Been wanting to really do this for a long time now because you guys are awesome. Look at you all. I know I have shit to do first so I’m gonna pick the winners after I’m done with commissions. For now, just let me. 

  • This is a giveaway for followers (duh)
  • Like this post to enter
  • Reblogs don’t count as an entry
  • And to make things more interesting, guess who my favorite pokemon, pokespe dexholder, and teen titan (via ask or fanmail) to have a second entry. I feel that people who know me good enough deserve more chances. You only have one chance to guess correctly. All three of them.
  • I will randomly choose THREE winners of a 1-2 character semi-rendered painting (like the one on the right) and TWO winners of a 1-2 character painting with full background (like the one on the left though I won’t be using lineart like that).


  • Deadline is on November 18
  • If you fail to respond in 24 hrs should you win, I’ll move on and pick another.
  • No, I will not draw naughty bits, robots and mechas, extreme gore, buildings, or stuff I’m not confident to do.
  • Good luck 

Title: If I want you, I gotta have that
Pairing: Harry/Louis
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 11.3k
Summary: It’s just that Harry’s had plenty of time to get comfortable with what he wants. Harry’s had time to play around with a million versions of Louis, not to mention all of the actual real people he’s fucked. Louis just needs a little time to get used to it himself.

Sequel to Just let me try and I will be good to you.