Zalmai Tolo News, Afghan Refugees in Desperate Situation in Greece

Zalmai on Tolo News, the most popular and respected television station in Afghanistan, on Afghan refugees in Greece.

Zalmai, EF 2011 photographer, was featured in a live round table discussion on Tolo TV where his photographs and footage was screened.  Also featured on the panel was a state representative from the Ministry of Refugees and a representative of UNHCR. The show was very well received by the public opinion and has sparked a lot of public discussion on the fates of Afghans who venture into Europe. 

Zalmai’s project “Walking in Quicksand” examines the story of Afghani refugees and migrants in Greece. 

Zalmai Human Rights Watch, Hate on the Streets

In July 2012, 2011 EF photographer Zalmai and Human Rights Watch partnered to produce “Hate on the Streets, Xenophobic Violence in Greece.” In the months between October and December 2011, NGOs in Greece recorded 63 incidents of xenophobic related violence in Athens and Patras and the violence continues to rise. Read the entire report here.

In 2011, the EF supported Zalmai’s project on the treatment of Afghani immigrants in Greece. Also featured on the site is an in-depth interview between Zalmai and HRW senior researcher Judith Sunderland. To view Zalmai’s EF project please click here

Zalmai and Towell Time LightBox, “Afghanistan: The Photographs That Moved Them Most

Zalmai and Larry Towell featured in TIME LightBox article.

On the 10th Anniversary of the War in Afghanistan, 40 photographers speak on the photos that moved them most. Zalmai and Larry Towell who both covered the War in Afghanistan for their EF funded projects, were interviewed in TIME LightBox.  Other EF photographers Yuri Kozyrev, Alex Majoli, and Kadir von Lohuizen were also interviewed.  

Read 40 renowned photographers reflections on their experiences in covering the conflict. 

Zalmai Lens Blog, In Afghanistan, ‘Unbelievable Force of Life’

Zalmai Ahad, 2011 Emergency Fund photographer, was featured in The New York Times’ Lens Blog for his work in Afghanistan.

Zalmai also spoke with James Estrin on the concept of his photographs. Instead of focusing on the military aspect of Afghanistan, Zalmai told the story of daily life for Afghanis.  He shot with a iPhone so he could capture intimate scenes and easily shoot in every situation. 

Nobody wanted to tell this story.  Images from Afghanistan are always related to military action. But if you want to understand what went wrong in Afghanistan, you have to be a little more focused on the Afghan people. I wanted to show that life goes on every day—that people have hopes and dream like everywhere else. 

Read the whole transcription and see the photos on Lens Blog. 

Teun Voeten and Zalmai Panos Pictures Exhibition, Generation 9/11

Teun Voeten curated Panos Pictures exhibition at the GEMAK in The Hague, Netherlands, featuring work with EF 2011 photographer Zalmai. 

The exhibition is located at Vrije Academie and will be exhibited from September 10-October 30 2011. The exhibition examines the impact of 9/11 over the last decade. 

Zalmai The New York Times Lens Blog

Zalmai, 2011 Emergency Fund photographer, was featured on The New York Times’ Lens blog for his work on Afghanistan immigrants in Greece. Currently there are over 50,000 Afghan refugee who fled the war and are living illegally in Greece.

“What I saw was very difficult for me to see,” he said. “I have been working so many years with refugees, in refugee camps, in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. But it was difficult for me to accept this in Greece — a European country.”


Please read and view the blog entry here.


For several years, the award-winning documentary photographer, Zalmai, has been documenting the plight of Afghan refugees around the world. Through the support of Magnum Foundation’s Emergency Fund, Zalmai undertook a long-term documentary project in Greee, where the financial collapse has contributed to harsh, xenophobic attitudes and policies. 

To raise the visibility of his work for New York audiences, Magnum Foundation organized events to highlight Zalmai’s under-reported story. 

From September 28-30, his work was featured in the DUMBO Arts Fair as part of United Photo Industry’s FOTO/POD exhibit. 

Zalmai presented his work at Aperture Gallery with a following discussion with Peter Lucas on September 29. 

On October 1, Zalmai presented at the Bubble lounge with Jamie Wellford. 

On October 4, he presented at Columbia University’s Journalism program with Whitney Johnson, photography director at the New Yorker magazine. 

Greece to deport 1,600 immigrants

BBC News Europe

On August 6, 2012, BBC reported that over 6,000 people were detained in Greece. 

Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias defended the crackdown. He said Greece’s economic plight meant it could not afford an “invasion of immigrants”.

He called the immigration issue a “bomb at the foundations of the society and of the state”.

Read more here