Yuri Kozyrev British Journal of Photography, On Revolution Road

Yuri Kozyrev, EF 2011 photographer, featured in British Journal of Photography article.

Yuri Kozyrev documented four revolutions (Yemen, Bahrain, Egypt, and Libya) over a period of nine months. Kozyrev’s work from the last year is largely acknowledged to be one of the most comprehensive coverage of the Arab world during this period of turmoil, culminating in the Visa D’or News Award. He spoke with Olivier Laurent about the sacrifices of in-depth journalism and his plans to move to Cairo.

"I missed a lot, there’s no question about that. I wish I could have stayed longer in all these places. If you remember, when I was working in Iraq I was staying on the ground; I was looking for more in-depth stories. But right now, I think that’s the only way we can cover it." 

The Magnum Foundation supported the Libya leg of Kozyrev’s journey, which Kozyrev acknowledged in the interview “only happened thanks to the support of the Magnum Foundation and Time.” 

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EF2011's Yuri Kozyrev Published in TIME

Yuri Kozyrev spent three weeks in Yemen documenting violent anti-government protests. His work was published on June 2 in TIME Magazine’s LightBox. 

“Kozyrev’s photos shine a light on a country convulsed by violence, steeped in danger, seeking a way out.”

The Emergency Fund will feature Yuri’s work later this summer.

Yuri Kozyrev TIME LightBox

Yuri Kozyrev photos from Yemen’s Change Square featured on TIME LightBox

Reposted from Time LightBox:

But unlike other cities, where the dead are forgotten in far away cemeteries, the martyrs of Change Square are at the center of attention. Photographs of those killed in the clashes flutter from the tent ropes that crisscross the city’s walkways. Portraits are plastered on the walls of the mosque.  Some protesters even wear bandanas printed with pictures of the dead wrapped around their forehead. And in the center of the square is a vast billboard where the protest’s grim toll is laid out in a mosaic of death intermingled with pride.  “We all want to be martyrs,” one young protestor told me. “To have change, we need to sacrifice, and sometimes that means our lives.” His friend agreed. “The only way we will get international attention for our cause is if there is blood on the streets.”

Yuri Kozyrev More Photojournalism, Centre de Cultura Conemporania de Barcelona (CCCB)

CCCB and Photographic Social Vision features Yuri Kozyrev’s work from Revolution Roads in exhibition More Photojournalism. Revolution Roads includes coverage of Yemen, Libya, and Egypt. The exhibition will be up until May 28, 2012. 

EF2011's Yuri Kozyrev quoted in NY Magazine:

"To survive, ‘you stick with colleagues you trust,’ says Yuri Kozyrev, who was with New York Times photographers (and high-school friends) Tyler Hicks and Lynsey Addario in Libya just before they were taken captive in March and who had planned to be on the trip with Hetherington and Hondros, too. ‘If you are by yourself,’ says Kozyrev, ‘you can just disappear.’”