So it looks like I’m down to 124lbs, which is the lowest I’ve been in a year, I’m quite happy with myself but I wanted to be 119lbs for christmas. I’m going to have to be strict on myself over xmas and reign it in, in the new year so the weight doesn’t creep on. I have been really good the past 2 days, considering I’ve had to make banoffee pie and sweet treats for everyone AND I’ve been left in the house alone while Jason is at work too but I’ve managed to tame the beast on those occasions! YEAH!

I’d like to say a huge thank you and a merry merry MERRY christmas to the 32 of you that have followed my blog. I’ve always considered my thoughts and feelings to be insignificant and unworthy to be heard but the more I blog, I feel like I’m finding a voice for my inner person. I have never openly admitted to my eating disorder or talked about it in this way before so it’s such a big deal to me to ‘type’ on a forum like this.

Thank you all for caring, you make me feel half-normal.

  Within a week I have gone from being 119lbs down to 113lbs. I am both happy and worried by this..is it okay that I’ve lost 6lbs in one week? Today I feel a little dizzy and shaky but I have had my grandmother over and not had any time to eat. The dizziness is slowly going away after eating two slices of toast with butter and vegemite.

I've lost 10lbs in 3months.

It’s not a lot but I didn’t have much to lose in the first place. I weigh 109lbs :D yayy! I now have a flat stomach..when I don’t eat. Just need to tone it up now. My thighs are much more toned so are my arms. I have a semi slimmer face. I’m on track to sorting my eating disorder. All is well in my bodayyy. 

Keep going.

much love, Hannah <3

Magic 119

I am totally possessed by the idea of my goal weight… 119 lbs. I am so far off it is ridiculous, but this feeling is going to get me there eventually. I know I can do it because I have done it before (when I was younger). I remember having my hip bones sticking out over my jeans (just a little) and I loved it. On top of the world.

I didn't touch one bite of food yesterday. Not. One. Bite.

I’m determined to fast until Thanksgivng. It’s only 3 days. That way, even if I end up trying to gorge myself with food (which, let’s face it, WILL happen..), my stomach will have shrunken and I won’t even be able to eat as much as I would have otherwise. And then I can just fast again afterwards. Good plan?

By October 1, I want to:

  • be in the 110s (even if it means just reaching 119lbs)

  • be able to run at least 5 miles comfortably
  • be completely vegan

These next three weeks, I’m really going to push myself to reach my goals. I’m going to run every day (or at least 4-6 times a week) and push myself as far as I can go. At this point, I can almost run 4 miles in one shot, so I’m sure in the next three weeks I’ll be able to increase that by another mile or two.

I’m also going to make myself work out more than just cardio. I need to tone up and slim down, so I’m going to do more pilates and start yoga to lose those extra fat pounds. I’ve got 20lbs down and 20lbs left to shred. I’m so close! It’s time to really get to it. 

And finally, I’m going to try and eat as vegan as possible from now until the ed of the month, so by October 1, I’ll cut out meat and dairy. I’ll probably start posting my intake daily so I can keep track of my diet, see where my strengths and weaknesses are in regards to eating vegan.

Ahh, I’m so excited to watch myself progress these next few weeks. This three-week plan is baby steps to see what’s in store and what I’ll plan to accomplish in a three-month plan from October through December. :)