If HB 1130 passes in Colorado, women can be charged with murder — for taking the morning-after pill.

If you live in Colorado and you want to maintain the rights to your body (or you’re a man who also cares about human rights) PLEASE write your Senator and ask him to STOP HB 1130.  

Here’s how to find your STATE Senator:

1) Google: State Senator + your voting address zip code

2) Google: Senator’s name + email contact

or, just visit Project Vote Smart and enter your full voting address zip code.

It’s really simple, and worth your time. And your body. Here’s what I said to my Senators. Feel free to copy + paste.

Dear Senator - I just learned that HB1130 just passed in the House and now is on it’s way to the Senate. Please, do your part to protect my rights as a human and stop this bill. From one human to another, shouldn’t I have the right to make decisions for myself?

Thank you for your consideration-

Bree Davies