Rec: SPN [Sam/Gabriel]

Title: "I Need a Favor"

Author: FortinbrasFTW

Pairing: Sam/Gabriel

Rating: Teen

Length: 15,722


Sam agrees to drive a stranger across the country to join Cas while their brother is in the hospital, only to find out that his new road trip companion isn’t so much a stranger as the most haunting one night stand of his life.

My Note: 

I’m pretty sure I laughed so hard I cried while reading this one. It’s so hilarious yet so cute. The emotion in it is never lost to the humor. FortinbrasFTW is fantastic. Her so-funny-it-hurts humor never overshadows the characters, and despite all of his absurdities, Gabriel is still Gabriel, flaws and all.


AU: Human, College

Genre: Humor

Call it magic, call it true, call it magic when I’m with you. And I just got broken, broken into two. Still I call it magic when I’m next to you. #10to25

#cyb2015 #bts #lategram (at Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan)

Rec: SPN [Sam/Lucifer]

Title: The Three Temptations of Sam Wincheste

Author: TomiSama04

Pairing: Sam/Lucifer

Rating: Explicit

Length: 7669


Sam knew his Greek mythology. He knew this Greek myth, and when Zeus held out the Golden Apple, Sam actually laughed.

My Note:

One of the few Samifer fics I’ve read that takes place after S07. Interesting and good.


Timeline: s08

Genre: first time


The stars above you and the streets below - styleztomlinson

“There’s a boy sitting on the opposite roof. He’s dressed in sweatpants and a hoodie, hunched over a book. Almost as if he can feel that Louis is (somewhat creepily, but, well) looking at him, he lifts his gaze from his book and meets Louis’ eyes.

Louis’ very first thought when their eyes meet is that the boy is really pretty.”

Inspired by the tags on this post. Louis and Harry are twelve and ten years old respectively the first time they meet, and everything after that just kind of happens, really.