A Decade of New Doctor Who - a video looking back at a few memorable moments from the last 10 years of the Doctor’s wondrous adventures in time and space, created by John Smith VFX.

Ten years since Doctor Who returned to our screens after a 16 year hiatus. How are you celebrating, and what are some of your favourite Who-related memories from the last decade?


Thanks to Raymond Madamba Photography, I was able to get some photos from Dragoncon! I’m only putting 2 up so far for the fact that my awesome Shooping King Justin is currently working on all(including these 2) in his creative project~ Hope you enjoy them! 

Wishing Doctor Who A Very Happy 10th Anniversary.

Today marks 10 years of 21st century Doctor Who. On the 26th March 2005 Doctor Who finally landed back where it belonged, bang in the heart of the Saturday night BBC1 schedule.

And it turned out to be FANTASTIC!


I found another fantastic video for the 10th anniversary of New Doctor Who. The combination of the scenery, echoing quotes from the characters, haunting music, and the way the camera pans around make this a beautiful tribute. This was done by John Smith, the same creator who did the ‘Rain’ Trailer for the return of Series 8.


Looking back at the most Doctor Who-packed day of my life in honour of the day, which is when I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Doctor Who Convention in London for the 50th Anniversary.
Seeing all those thousands of people all under one roof for the exact same reason, all the cosplayers, all the props, all the cast, everything…it really made it feel special. Really made it feel like the phenomenon that it is. Because that’s just it with Doctor Who, it’s not just a show, it’s a bona-fide phenomenon. Utterly amazing time and some of my fondest memories, it’ll never be equalled.

Pfft, look at me getting all rhapsodic. Can’t help it!