{Blood, a SoMa Drabble requested by @kitty.kat.10917}
“Soul, it won’t hurt that bad!” Maka protested. “Yes it will! You know how I feel about needles!” Her partner shot back. The meister of the pair couldn’t help but to sigh. Soul was acting like a big baby. What’s the big deal about needles. “Soul, you’re only here to get some blood work done. Now stop acting like a baby or I’m not going out on that date with you afterwards.” The weapon blinked before staring at his meister. “You wouldn’t…” she nodded, a smirk on her face. “If you don’t go into that clinic right now, I will just text Kid and accept his date instead.” “OKAY OKAY! I’ll go in…but just…” he mumbled the last part. “What was that?” “Hold my hand,” he said a bit louder. “I will, I promise,” she pinched his cheek just to tease him. “So uncool.” By the time Soul was called in, he was shaking in his seat. Maka was by his side. “Alright, I need you to make your hand into a fist.” he nodded and did so. He watched as she tried to find his vein and his grip on Maka began to grow tighter. Soon, the dreaded needle was about to be put in. “If you’re not comfortable, just look at your girlfriend,” he blushed when she said that and did just that. Maka smiled at him as a way to comfort the shaking weapon. He felt a pinch and turned to look as his blood was being sampled before his world turned black. “Soul? Soul wake up, it’s over!” Maka said. “What?” Soul shook his head and looked at his arm. The needle was gone and in its place was a cotton ball with tape to keep it on. “Remove that in 20 minutes. You’re doctor will call you to confirm the results. Have a nice day,” the nurse said cheerfully as the duo left. Soul was rewarded not only with a date afterward, but let’s just say his lips got tingly after.
{I have this headcannon where Soul freaks out over needles xD Anyway, I hope you liked it @kitty.kat.10917 }
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