It would be nice if I could wipe my ass without having to notifiy the ATF. Glorious picture of my SBR project Arsenal SLR106ur, and all the paperwork I’ve had to do thus far, the sad part is its not even done yet…


SLR-106ur Update, got the call back today that they signed off on my form 1 to make it into an SBR! Now I just got to submit the paper work and wait very patiently for 4 months!

Also recently picked up some Polish 5.56 Beryl mags, I feel like they are good quality but flimsy by comparison to the Bulgarian circle 10s. Also they’re only steel reinforced on the front and rear tabs of the mag, where as the all back circle 10s are steel lined most of the way through; they resemble 74 mags. The pro I guess is that the Beryl mags are cheaper and still work in slr106s…

Edit: Also recently found out that Arsenal/Kvar did another reproduction of the slr106urs. I say fuck dat! I bought mine before they reintroduced the 500 and still got it cheaper but the dilemma now is that their reintroduction of it even at 1200 dollars has brought down the value of slr106urs 107ur going for 1600-2000. (I didn’t pay any of those exuberant sums, cuz I’m smart, don’t pay retail and find an excellent deal most of time)

Since friday to now I feel like I’ve driven so much that I feel like I’m almost going to lose my sanity. Also didn’t win the MAK90 for those who care so I’m filling my Forum 1 soon (finally) to SBR slr106ur

Also weekend nachos was good last night but not as good as the first time I saw em, Dead in the Dirt was sweet, apparently Dead in the Dirt is coming to blasto again in May with the Body!