Human Figurine

Iran, Tureng

Archaeology Area: Tureng Tepe, 104.55, Square 2, L x A, Burial 52 resting on right on right humerus of Burial 52


Penn Museum

104 Reasons to Live #55

There was no such thing as privacy in the Trainee Corps.  They were always together; training, eating, showering, sleeping, and relaxing.  They were never alone. 

With all the time spent together, they learned to rely on each other.  They learned everyone’s weaknesses and strengths and learned to co-operate.  It wasn’t unusual to see Armin tutoring tactics, or Connie giving tips on maneuver gear, or Eren sparring in hand-to-hand combat.  Nac was a great dancer, and Mina was the best hairstylist, and Sasha could hunt anything. They worked together.

It was one of the most important lessons of their training.  They learned how to trust.

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My friends and teachers are so so kind to me. My Writing 104 teacher finished my letter of recommendation and sent it to me. Her last sentence? “The highest compliment I can think of is that I hope my daughter follows in her footsteps one day.”

WHAT? I almost burst into tears in my friend’s car. My dad teared up reading it, as well as the teacher who proofed the letter of recommendation before my Writing 104 teacher sent it to me.

And now one of my best friends is saying how proud he is of me for powering through everything and overcoming so much. He said I’m the kindest and most supportive person he’s met, and that I make everyone around me feel good when I’m with them.

I am so, so, so blessed to have these people and my life. God is good.

RPPR Episode 104: Gen Con 2014 Wrap-Up

RPPR Episode 104: Gen Con 2014 Wrap-Up

News: The No Soul Left Behind and Horrors of War Kickstarters are both successful! Thanks to everyone who contributed.

Synopsis: Gen Con 2014 has come and gone and we had a blast. More of the RPPR crew made it up there than previous years, and our meetup was a resounding success. We even had a war banner! So this episode is a full breakdown of what we did, what games we tried out, and what loot…

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