Shore Thing

Amelia walked through the fireplace into her parents’ beach house, the wrap already around her waist, nested under the bump, covering her bikini bottoms.  She had expected they would be the first ones there, but she was surprised when she found Remus and Dorcas already sitting in the living room.  She set down her small back as Sirius came behind her through the fireplace with the rest of their bags. 

“Aren’t you supposed to wait until we go to the beach for that?” Remus asked, looking up at her. 

“I’m seven months pregnant and it’s 102 out, which means it feels roughly a 130 for me.  So I’m going to wear this all week so I don’t feel like I’m boiling the baby.  We’re also going to turn the air down to 50 so I hope you brought a sweatshirt,” she said, walking over to the thermostat.