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Hello! I'm new to witchcraft, and I've been particularly drawn to the Fae Faith. However, I just don't know where to start. Could you point me in the direction to some fae literature/blogs and such for a beginner such as myself? I want to learn about fairies, how to worship them, and how to come into contact with them if possible! And maybe some spells too :) I hope that's not too much to ask! Thank you~

Check out my posts about fairies :D 



Online Links (articles, blogs, etc)


Starting weight: 285lbs
Current weight: 160lbs
Height: 5’9
Age: 19

This was all done with diet and exercise! My diet consists of mostly fruit, veggies and lean meats like fish and grilled chicken. I don’t eat dairy except for occasional Greek yogurt, instead I use almond milk. I also cut out carbs like white bread and pasta. I still have occasional wheat bread and I loooove making protein smoothies! As for exercise I didn’t start out doing more then half an hour of cardio but now I like to run about an hour a day and I do daily weight training at the gym as well! My current goal is to gain muscle mass and get super fit!


Gunners from Army Reserve unit 101 (Northumbrian) Regiment Royal Artillery and 1 Regiment Royal Horse Artillery (1 RHA) have been exercising at the Otterburn Ranges in the north of England. The soldiers have been firing the Multi Launch Rocket System (MLRS) to hone their skills and maintain combat effectiveness.

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omg sophiam is so fake i just fbmayfair*co*uk/2015-albums/ an entire album just for her and a cake from liam??? lol it's almost been a month since her birthday lmao

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Have you seen the pictures from Sophia’s birthday?


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funny how liam is probably going back to the UK, so NOW funky buddha posted a birthday cake pro “Payno” to “Smithers”. 


Yes, I saw them.

That’s not even all of them. And of course we got pix of the cake. All relationships are sealed with a cake. That’s how you know it’s rayl! LOL

Mmmmm…taste the love. :P

And for anyone who is unsure that Funky Buddha is Modest brokered promo, just compare a list of XFactor winners and finalists who’ve partied very publicly at Funky Buddha before and after Modest lost their contract with them. All these pix are from inside/outside FB.

Leona Lewis:

Alexandra Burke & Niall:


Matt Cardle:

Leigh Anne Pinnock:

And to further illustrate the Modest/FB connection…

…5SoS feat. Liam:

Now for XFactor winners/finalists publicized partying at FB after Modest lost their contract:

Coincidence? I think not.

4 More Victims Come Forward From Chicago Secret Prison, Man Tortured Over Weed

Four more victims of incarceration at Chicago’s Guantanamo Bay style secret detention/torture center, known as Homan Square, have come out and spoken to The Guardian about their experience being essentially treated like cattle. They are four black males, Brock Terry, Kory Wright, Deandre Hutcherson and David Smith.

Three of them were held in 2006, and one in 2011.

They were kicked in the genitals while helpless and bound, put in ‘kennels for humans’, and they heard the bloodcurdling screams of other helpless victims while they thought they would never see the light of day again.

One man named Brock Terry was caught with five pounds of cannabis, and ended up being shackled to the “little circular thing behind the bench”, arms spread open, being fed only twice in 3 days. The Chicago Police are known for turning up the temperature in the facility extremely high, and then depriving victims of water while they are tied up, arms extended.»

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I have seen many ugly and distasteful things in my life, but the cake with "payno's" autograph for "smithers" makes it in the actual Top Ten; as for the stunt of Sophia's second b-day in FB, well this one literally takes the cake! But seriously, there's a pix of Sophia and friends going around on the net posted originally by some gal crosemout in front of a window with glass panel, a direct reference to Liam's house. (1/2)

I didn’t get the second part babe! 

I think this cake is a step up from The Cake Store’s fondant nightmares. LOL Maybe it’s all the nice fruit on top. But yeahhhhh, as far as I can tell, the Smithers things comes from an interview where Liam called her that in reference to her ironing his shirts (as if). I’m gonna take that as shade until further notice because:

  • Ironing his shirts? Just no. 
  • "Smithers" is also synonymous with servitude.

Rich girl Veronica Lodge’s butler:

Rich guy Mr. Burns’ assistant:

So that’s interesting that he referred to her doing something servile while calling her Smithers. Reminds me a bit of Louis’ make me a sandwich tweet. 

Beards as dutiful little women? The bearded as sexist cavemen? Sounds like a shady exaggeration of the unfortunate fauxmance situation to me. Like you want manly hetero man, I’ll give you manly hetero man. Just a thought… 

As for the picture, the caption to that pic refers to London. So I’m just gonna assume it was taken there. 

Maybe that was Modest’s white curtain staging area where they take so many Perrie pix implying it’s Zayn’s house.

*side eye*

I’m still an amateur artists myself hands down, but hopefully I can help a bit!!

1) Drawing is your best teacher first and foremost. You can read up every tutorial out there, find every reference photo you’ll ever need, and enroll in every art school out there— but until your pencil hits paper you wont ever improve. Draw all the time.

2) Stop drawing what you think something looks like, draw what is in front of you as they are. Draw what’s around you, being able to draw outta your head isn’t what determines a good artist from a poor one.

3) Look at your fav artists, try to pin down what you love about their work, and then emulate it! All the best artists are copying off each other and adapting it, but never stealing. 

About how I found my art style I can promise you I’m still very much looking for it and have no idea what it is. I’m still finding out what works for me, what doesn’t, and keeping only the good stuff. Finding a style is like panning for gold, you gotta sift through all that mud and dirt before you even get a hint of a golden nugget.