the only film photo I touched up. The scanner made it very flat. I just brought the dark back in. At this point I was nodding off pretty bad and stopping every couple rest stops to run around and wake up a little. The next stop we took a nap. After we woke we only made it 15 minutes down the road before the motor let go, leaving us stranded with no cell service on the 101, quite literally, one thousand miles from home. This was the last photo I took from the rolls I’ve developed so far (still have two rolls half shot).

Brushes 101


- Foundation brush

Gives the most coverage because it places the foundation right on top of your skin
- Synthetic flat/round top kabuki brush
Gives medium coverage because it blends in the product into the skin usually by circular buffing motions
- Duo Fibre/Stipple brush
Gives very natural coverage, usually works best on lighter foundations



- Large eyeshadow/Paddle brush
Ideal for putting on concealer to larger areas like the under eye and bringing  it down on your cheeks for a highlight.
- Small eyeliner brush
Surprisingly the best brush to cover up things like pimples. Precision is key to it: putting on a concealer around the blemish will make it look least noticeable!
- Tapered synthetic kabuki brush
A good brush to blend out under eye concealer that gets into the inner corners because of the tapered top



- Larger powder brush
Quickest, easiest way to evenly apply powder all over your face. Using this for high coverage mineral powders will sheer it out a little and make it more natural looking. 
- Duo Fibre/Stipple brush
Super natural looking but won’t work the best on pressed powders because it’ll cause fall out.
- Precise tapered brush
Best for setting under eye concealer or precise areas like your T zone.
- Kabuki brush
Best for the highest coverage especially if it’s dense!



- Small contour brush
For precise contouring and a real chiseled look.
- Angled contour brush
Recommended for beginners in contouring because it’s less dense than a contour brush and bigger so it’s more forgiving and natural looking.
- Powder brush
Best for all over bronzing; the fluffier the better, and the smaller, the more precise.
- Small duo fibre/stipple brush
Best for cream contouring



- Blush brush
Your typical blush brush. Applies product softly.
- Duo fibre/Stipple brush
Looks very natural and perfect for blushes that are super pigmented or bright/dark in color.
- Precise tapered brush
For a more precise application of blush, it might be harder to use if you’re a beginner.



- Duo fibre/Stipple brush
Natural, all-over glow application of highlighter on larger areas of your face.
- Precise tapered brush
A little more intense (also depends on the highlighter you use) than the duo fibre but gives a more precise application.
- Eyeshadow blending brush
Perfect for a super precise highlight especially for the bridge of your nose and cupids bow, or if you don’t want to accentuate your cheekbones too much but still want a glow.



- Angled eyeliner brush
For filling in the eyebrow. Natural bristles are usually harder and more precise. 
- Flat defining brush
Perfect for defining the inner corner of your brows for that natural ombre look or to use concealer afterwards to define and clean up the eyebrows!



- Fluffy blending brush
Ideal for all over shadows, applying transition shades in the crease and to use a clean one to pick up eyeshadow fall out.
- Blending brush
In my opinion the most necessary eye brush. Perfect for applying all over lid color, blending in crease colors as well as outer corner shades and to blend out edges for a flawless fadeout.
- Pencil brush
Precise application especially for darker shades in the outer/inner corners, highlighting the inner corner, and smudging shadows on lashline.
- Eye shading brush
Packing on eyeshadow shades onto the lid, as well as highlighting the brow bone.
- Angled eyeliner brush
For applying gel eyeliner. Also works amazing for adding the darkest part of a cut crease look. As well as packing on darker shades to upper lashline for a more smudged, natural eyeliner look.
- Small detail brush
Perfect for inner corner highlights and applying eyeshadow under the lower lash line.