100 Favourite FRINGE episodesWhite Tulip S02E18

"I, too, attempted the unimaginable, and I succeeded. I crossed into another universe, and took a son that wasn’t mine. And since then, not a day has passed without me feeling the burden of that act.(…) So now I’m looking for a sign of forgiveness. I’ve asked God for a sign of forgiveness. A specific one, a white tulip."


100 favourite FRINGE episode:Marionette S03E09

“ I understand the facts. I know that she had rims of information about me; about my life and about people who were close to me. And I understand if she stepped off, she would have a perfectly reasonable explanation for it. And I guess to expect you to have seen past that, perhaps is asking a little too much. When I was there, I thought about you. I knew you were just a figment of my imagination. I held on to you. I wasn’t reasonable and I wasn’t logical, but I did it. So, why didn’t you? ”


100 favourite FRINGE episodes: The Cure S01E06

“ I understand that you think I acted too emotionally. Putting aside the fact that men always say that about women they work with, I’ll get straight to the point. I am emotional. I do bring it into my work. It’s what motivates me. It helps me get into the head space of our victims, see what they’ve seen„ even if I don’t want to, even if it horrifies me. And I think it makes me a better agent. If you have a problem with that, sorry. You can fire me. But I hope you don’t.”