100footfacesofgodsgoodocean replied to your photo: I HAVE ONE OF THE BEST OF FRIENDS.  EVER. OH MY…

I have to run my midnight launch so I won’t be on til 1am and then I’m staying up all night and have to open my store at 830 am the next morning. Gonna be a rough few days.

Class at 12:30 on Tuesday, then back again at 11 on Wednesday. I don’t plan on sleeping for a couple days. 
My guild is running 5man groups to 87, and we’re expected to be raid ready by the time bosses are available.  

100footfacesofgodsgoodocean replied to your post: Ughhh the Hawks aren’t on until 9 PM.

No Raffi Torres to get revenge on though. I guess a win will suffice though.

Yeahh. I just want to go in there and kick ass because there seems to be an alarmingly high number of Coyotes fans that are bags of dicks. They didn’t even think that Torres’s hit on Hossa was dirty, even though he CLEARLY SKATED OUT OF HIS WAY TO SHOVE HIS SHOULDER INTO HOSSA’S STERNUM/THROAT REGION, AND THEIR SKATES LEFT THE ICE AND IT WAS OBVIOUSLY A DIRTY HIT ACCORDING TO LITERALLY EVERYONE OUTSIDE OF ARIZONA.

Not that all Coyotes fans are dicks. I’m sure there’s like…5 nice ones.