— if you have ever gotten the opportunity to shoot on FujiFilm Instant Peel Film you must understand that the film is sensitive to light and temperature…

this shoot was done at Midnight on March 20th in Rochester…which if you know Rochester weather, it gets pretty cold…

needless to day, it was about 20 degrees outside, and the film was unable to develop properly…so after about 5 minutes of developing, the film still turned out to be a little bit yellow in tonality..

thanks to a little color management, the image was saved and returned to it’s proper color balanced state…


yesterday: trying and failing to produce a picture on expired fuji fp-100c45 instant film.

this pack of film expired in 2010, the air-tight packaging has been opened, probably years ago. does anyone have any thoughts on what to make of this film? this is the first picture in this pack, is it worth trying another? or could it be that i need to clean the rollers in my film holder?

it shouldn’t be a problem to expose a frame around 0C, as long as i let the film warm up before pulling it through the rollers, right?

… i’d appreciate any helpful thoughts :)