This is supposed to happen the first time Persephone is back to the Underworld….so I went and made a sequel for a comic that hasn’t even happened yet. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey….

Did I regret anything? No. No I don’t. 

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EDIT: This was a silly strip I made for my friend and writer of our webcomic. I’m really tired of the comments regarding Hades kidnapping/raping Persephone in the ‘original’ myth. That’s not the point of the myth or our story, so I won’t be replying to any more comments about it. I said what I wanted to say here. If someone wants to discuss it privately, my askbox is always open. 

Done I think, (I don’t know, I can’t think anything else and I am suck at background and stuff) also bigass watermark, signature and whatnot because I am tired of art-thievery. 

So, Hades and Persephone from Eme & Bleu’s 100DoN, go and read it, it’s adorable. Thank you for bringing this dorks into our lives girls.

Now… I need to work, and I am like 4 hours late. *vanishes*




A Hundred Days of Night (‘100DoN’) is an ongoing webcomic that retells the story of Hades and Persephone…and well, Perspehone kidnaps herself. This doesn’t completely backfire but in the end turns out to be WAY more complicated than she originally thought…?

The main goal of this campaign is to raise enough money to run a small print run of the first chapter…but not only that. It will also include a brand new prologue and SO MUCH MORE. But to achieve this, we need YOUR help. 

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She’s wearing yellow, bright, warm, comforting– she looks like a solitary flame on the banks of the Acheron, a luminous flicker of color and life, but her eyes are not smiling. He tries to, for her benefit more than anything, but he’s never been good at putting on a happy face. Smiles must come naturally or not at all.

“Gaia’s beard, don’t try so hard. It makes you look rather constipated, love,” she’d told him once, cupping his jaw in her hands to make him stop. 

“I was not aware my grandmother was in possession of a beard,” he’d murmured, and she’d laughed loudly, cheeks dimpling. “Perhaps she should be informed.” 

“I’ll leave the indescribable honor of that to you.”

Then he’d smiled, in earnest, just a little tweak of thin lips. “Joyous day.”

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it’s september 23rd here, which means it’s finally autumn.

she’s referencing this, in case you missed it. because married inner jokes and dorky flirting. 

nowinlivingcolor asked:

Hades and Persephone, #22, please and thank you :)!

“You think you’re subtle.”

Hades blinks at his wife over the scrolls he’s shuffling around, trying to put some sense to - honestly, does no one around here archive properly any longer? - and he can’t understand why she has that look on her face. Or, more appropriately, The Look, because that’s the expression she adopts when she knows (or thinks she knows) something he doesn’t.

“I beg your pardon?” he says, and she grins widely.

“I can tell,” she goes on, leaning across the worktable they’re sharing, arm stretching out, fingers – touching the edge of a sheaf of papers…

The corner of his left eye may be twitching. May. “You can tell what, exactly?” 

Persephone chuckles. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.” Now the twinkle in her eyes becomes mischievous. She pushes the papers toward him. “You want everything perfectly aligned and I leave things all over the place, drop them, and it bothers you. Doesn’t it?” 

It’ll never cease to astonish him how she catches on to the smallest of details. 

“It does not,” he replies stolidly, but he’s well aware that it’s a massive lie. 

Her grin grows. “Oh, really?” she asks, and then with an inexcusable lack of care, elbows two neatly-rolled scrolls from the tabletop.

He snatches them out of the air before they can touch the ground, and when she bursts into peals of uproarious joyful laughter, he knows he’s made a mistake - and that his instincts have betrayed him. Again.

“It doesn’t bother you, huh?”


“It’s quite alright, I still love you.”

“Thank Gaia for that.”


This is a very simple and sketchy test for a future animation based on our comic about Hades and Persephone. We can’t wait to show you more, we are very excited to share things with you!

Persephone voiced by Meabh Browne. (@jooovinile on twitter ) 

Hades voiced by SungWon Cho  (https://www.youtube.com/user/ProZD

(Infinite gratitude to both of them for putting up with us this far!)

You can read us here 


“Two strangers on the street, just waiting to meet.”


oh well, I tried. I started drawing these two last light from memory, and now that I’ve seen the characters again, I see some mistakes. BTW IF YOU ARE NOT READING “A HUNDRED DAYS OF NIGHT” COMIC, YOU ARE WRONG because it’s pretty awesome. Their tumblr url is 100donofficial. CHECK it OUT. And I promise to the creators of these lovely babies that next time, I will make Perse’s hair more fabulous, and Hades’ nose more cute. And I’ll do his clothes in black too. anD YES. THE SPRING GODESS IS WEARING A FLOWER CROWN. SHUSH. But still, this is my first fanart, so I’m still a proud mama.