i must become

         a  l i o n  h e a r t e d  girl

What if the season finale is the raid on Mount Weather. They find the 47 locked up and dying in their cages, and they drag their friends back home, grounders and delinquents alike. Bellamy is brought back on a stretcher, his skin pale and his wounds still bleeding, and Clarke’s mom takes one look at him,turns to Jackson with a grim expression and says, “Get him to medical. Now.”

It doesn’t take Clarke long to find out where he is. She rushes to the med bay, only to find him slipping away. Her mom tells her to get out, but she refuses, staying by his side. Abby continues operating, trying to save the rebel leader, until she hears Clarke say in a small voice. “Mom? Why isn’t he breathing?” Abby doesn’t answer, just gently sets down her tools and steps away from him. “Mom?” Clarke says again. “Mom?

She starts crying as she grabs her co-leader’s shoulders and shakes him. The music begins to get more and more intense. “Wake up,” she says, her voice soft at first but growing to a scream. “Wake up, Bellamy. Don’t leave me here alone, I told you I can’t lose you too. Damn it, Bellamy, wake up!”

The music cuts off at the height of it’s buildup. The screen cuts to black. Then, you hear Clarke whisper, “I love you.”