"In life, it is a once in a lifetime achievement to be able to graduate from college; it really is an honor. I attended school for 4 years and to be already graduating now is unbelievable. Since I’ve really become a part of the society, it’s an important responsibility. I want to show a good image as a fantastic artist, actor, also as a singer and to make my alma mater shine more." —Seohyun (source)  | ©

Imagine Killian pulling out Emma’s chair for her and them sharing a flirtatious smile before she sits down.

Imagine Emma offering a bite of her dinner to Killian and they lock eyes as he takes the bite in his mouth and she gets fuckstrucked again.

Imagine Killian placing his hand over hers while she’s sharing a painful part of her past.

Imagine them playfully fighting over the last bite of desert they shared.

Imagine Killian leaning over and kissing Emma just because he knows he can.

Imagine us all dying because Emma and Killian are going on a freaking date.