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Could Clarke be the next Ice Nation Queen?

This theory might seem a little bit left of field but there’s a few pretty big clues that lead us to believe that Clarke may take on a new role in Season 3, as the leader of one of the clans, the Queen of the Ice Nation or even the next Commander of the 13 clans.

Looking first at the clues left for us in Season 2 we can make a few deductions. Clarke’s actions in the final episodes of the season have shown her to be a formidable force, she took down Mount Weather almost singlehandedly after a war that has raged on between the Grounders and the Mountain Men for almost 100 years. She’s proven not only that she is an excellent leader but that’s she’s willing to do anything to protect her people, she’s fearless and ruthless, all attributes that the Grounders value. In fact Producer/Showrunner Jason Rothenberg has made note in multiple interviews regarding the Season 3 finale and the implications on Season 3, that Clarke is now considered a legend amongst the clans.

‘Everywhere she goes it’s like, ‘I heard it was 5,000 people! No, I heard it was 10,000 people!’ Everywhere she goes, she’s a legend now. That means that Lexa will probably have to deal with that legend in some way going forward.’ -Jason Rothenberg (Source- MTV)

The fact that Jason has made note of this and drawn attention to it implies that her new status is going to be very relevant in the next season.

Clarke has already proven herself as the highly capable leader of the Sky People. Not only was she immediately drawn to the role amongst the original 100 by helping them survive against the elements and the enemy Grounders, as well as forming a functioning society on the Grounder, she also gained the respect of Lexa and the other Grounders where none of the adult Sky people could. She saved her people countless times and lead them into the alliance that would solidify their place amongst the Grounder population.

Knowing that Clarke has the ability and reputation to be a candidate as a Grounder leader is only the first clue.

In Season 2 Episode 12 during the meeting of the 12 clans in TonDC many of the current clan leaders were killed by the bombing from Mount Weather, leaving the clans without leadership. Clarke’s decision to not tell the other Grounder leaders about the bombing was her first bitter taste of true leadership, but her reluctance in the face of such sacrifice proved her kinship to many of the Grounder’s she’d come to know.

So knowing that many of the clans are now without leaderships leaves a few choice job openings for anyone with the right reputation and skill set, and wouldn’t Clarke, the fearless former leader of the Sky People, be a great candidate if they were willing to seek her out on her journey of self-discovery?

What ties this all together is the clues we’ve already been given about the upcoming events of Season 3.

We know at the end of the season 2 finale that Clarke has ventured off on her own for a while. We also know she has an official invitation to Polis aka The Capitol, we can assume she’ll wander for a bit then make her way there.

'She can’t live around these people that she saved, because it will remind her of what she had to do to get them there. So she’s going on walkabout like a good Aussie, and we’ll see how long that walkabout lasts. There’s another agenda in her mind that takes center stage by the time we catch up with her in season three.’ -Jason Rothenberg (Source- MTV)

Winter Is Coming…

Though our theory does allow for the possibility that Clarke may become a leader of any of the 12 clans, there’s a few clues that point towards the Ice Nation in particular.

Throughout Season 1 and 2 there are several mentions in regards to the coming winter. In Season 1 Episode 8 Jaha stresses to Clarke the need to find shelter before the winter frost kills them. Later we see the 100 collecting berries and smoking meat to last them the colder months. Judging by this and the knowledge that the events of Season 2 ended on November 3rd, we know that winter is approaching fast and is very likely to be a pressing concern during Season 3. The first clue this offers is a necessary end to Clarke’s journey, we know she’s going to have to find shelter and supplies to stay alive during this time, meaning she’ll have to seek out other people. The other likely scenario is that the winter will mean a prime opportunity to introduce the Ice Nation to the narrative, whether they be the group Clarke finds refuge with, or making their own way to the Capitol to discuss the failing alliance.

The reason we singled the Ice Nation out in particular in this theory is the knowledge that they are likely to make an appearance in Season 3 as it’s been hinted at many times, it’s also highly likely now we know Echo is not only from the Ice Nation but also returning for Season 3.
The other clue is in writer/producer Aaron Ginsburg’s mention of the death of the Ice Nation leader and his second, Atohl. He notes since their death ‘the Ice Nation might need to start looking for a new leader… If you catch my drift.’ (Source- aaronginsburg​)
It sounds like we’ll be meeting a new Ice Nation leader either way next season, but it’s certainly possible that they may see Clarke’s broken alliance with Lexa as a sign that they have a few things in common. The enemy of thy enemy is often your greatest ally after all. And we know the animosity between the Azgeda and Trigeda is as strong as ever.

The Trikru vs Azgeda showdown is something we all want to see, and who better to lead the two clans in battle than the Princess and the Commander.

'What’s left of this alliance of the twelve clans, that Lexa sort of painstakingly put together in order to defend themselves against Mount Weather, when Mount Weather is gone? Are those old animosities between, for instance, the Ice Nation and the Tri Kru. Is that going to become a problem again? It’s much like World War II. (…) so I think that’s one of the things we’ll see playing out as I build up this universe in Season 3’ -Jason Rothenberg (Source- IGN)

Jason’s hinting at the reemergence of the war between the clans opens the door to one last possible new leadership opportunity. Now that Lexa has betrayed her alliance with the Sky People and left someone else to take care of the Mountain Men as she was elected to do, there’s an opening for a new worthy leader to take her place at the head of the 13 (now including the Sky People) clans. The komgeda between the clans may have formed to destroy the Mountain Men, but the cooperation between the clans is still important during times of peace, lest an internal scuffle between the clans occur. Who better to keep the Grounders united than the one person who was able to destroy their deadly enemy after a century long war?

One final clue that points to the possibility of a new commander is Aaron’s vague answer to the question of how a commander is chosen. In his words, 'As for how the Commander is found/chosen, I don’t want to get too into it (for fear of spoilers)’ (Source- aaronginsburg). If that aint a clue as to what’s to come then I don’t know what is.

Clarke’s choices and actions over the last 2 seasons have proven that she is capable of leading her people (whoever they may be) to victory against whatever new enemies might arise. And now that the Grounders see her potential it’s my bet they’ll be fighting for the chance to get her on their side.

Will she accept? Only time will tell. But in our opinion, it’s time for the Princess to become Queen.

-Taz / June

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