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Secret - Fire (2Ne1 cover)

100704 Schedule out!!

Hello. This is TOP Media.

After you guys know TEEN TOP’s release date, we finally will reveal their debut dates to fans who has been waiting for TEEN TOP.
We’re planning to give some gifts through special event that TEEN TOP prepared, for fans who’ll come to cheer for TEEN TOP.

- TEEN TOP 1st single ‘Come into the World’ First stage schedule & Fan meeting news -

☆ Debut Stage
July 10th (Saturday) MBC ‘Music Core’ Pre-recorded + Broadcast
July 10th (Sunday) SBS ’‘Inkigayo’ Pre-recorded + Broadcast

☆ Event Subjects
For all fans that will come to cheer TEEN TOP at ‘Music Core’ and ‘Inkigayo’~

☆ Event Contents
Before the end of ‘Music Core’ and ‘Inkigayo’, we’ll give a copy of their 1st single ‘Come Into the World’.
First, we’re planning to give number to fans who came at ‘Music Core’.
The next day, those who received the number at ‘Music Core’ will come again to ‘Inkigayo’.
We’ll give you a copy of their CD before the released date (July 13th).

☆ Event Registration
How to apply: Please reference to ‘Step Bulletin’ (Supporters) at TEEN TOP’s daum fancafe (

☆ Fan Meeting Schedule
We’re planning to handle a fan meeting before ‘Music Core’ and ‘Inkigayo’.
Everyone could come to the venue and follow the instructions from the supporters, please show your interest.

☆ Pre-recording Order Entry (We’ll give their pre-recording schedule at ‘Music Core’ and ‘Inkigayo’ later.)
We’re planning to use the system first come first served for the pre-recording.
(Regarding arrival position, please check their official daum fancafe.)

☆ Live Broadcast Order Entry
The pre-recorded broadcast will be admitted first come first served.
(Please enter at the entry time after pre-recording broadcast. We’re not responsible about those who come after the admission time.)

☆ Fan Meeting Order Entry
At the pre-recording, order of arrival will be posted.
(The broadcast seating during the fan meeting will be a empty seat if there’s any fan who can’t join. Follow the supporters after the live broadcast, and seat as in first come first served.)

If you bring the number that we gave to you at ‘Music Core’ to ‘Inkigayo’, we’ll give you a copy of the CD.
It’s not transferable, so please bring it to ‘SBS Inkigayo’ and please note that exchange are available.
The number is irrelevant with the pre-recording order entry.

Thank you^^

Source: iTOP Group
Translation: dianapetrina@6teensontop

Credits: 6teensontop

Infinite Live Performances 2010

100610 M!Countdown: “Intro + Come Back Again" **Namu’s pants ripped during the intro XD**
100611 Music Bank: “Come Back Again
100612 Music Core: “Come Back Again
100613 Inkigayo: “Ïntro + Come Back Again
100617 M!Countdown: “Come Back Again
100618 Music Bank: “Come Back Again
100619 Music Core: “Come Back Again
100620 Inkigayo: “Come Back Again
100624 M!Countdown: “Come Back Again
100626 Music Core: “Come Back Again
100627 Inkigayo: “Come Back Again
100628 Music Show Newton: “Come Back Again”

100701 M!Countdown: “Come Back Again
100702 Music Bank: “Come Back Again
100703 Music Core: “Come Back Again
100704 Inkigayo: “Come Back Again
100709 Music Bank: “Come Back Again
100710 Music Core: “Come Back Again
100711 Inkigayo: “Come Back Again
100713 The M-Wave: “Come Back Again”
100717 Music Core: “Come Back Again
100718 Inkigayo: “Come Back Again
100718 The M-Wave: “Come Back Again
100724 Music Core: “Come Back Again” 
100725 The M-Wave: “Come Back Again
100726 Music Show Newton: “Come Back Again
100731 The Muzit: “Come Back Again

100801 Inkigayo: “Come Back Again
100805 M! Countdown: “She’s Back
100806 Music Bank: “She’s Back
100807 Music Core: “She’s Back” 
100808 Inkigayo: “She’s Back
100813 Music Bank: “She’s Back
100814 Music Core: “Come Back Again” 
100815 Inkigayo: “She’s Back
100819 M! Countdown: “She’s Back
100821 Music Core: “She’s Back” 
100822 Inkigayo: “She’s Back
100823 Music Show Newton: “She’s Back” 
100828 Music Core: “She’s Back

100911 Music Core: “Come Back Again + She’s Back

101231 Inkigayo: “Come Back Again (Remix)