I can haggle, hold, accept art and alternative currency as a payment.
Also accepting Glowing Embers at 1:1000t ratio


Like skins?  Like pretty dragons?  Like steampunk clothes and other shiny things?

Check out the Pretty Things Raffle!  The purpose of this raffle is to fun a pair of smoke genes for a special breeding pair of mine.  Once enough tickets have been purchased to pay for both genes, any further purchases will be used to fund more prizes, and I’ve already got one of the smoke genes.

Current prizes include three sets of steampunk clothes, the two dragons above with their skins plus matching outfits, and free reserves for some gorgeous upcoming hatchlings.  Planned future prizes, (assuming people buy up tickets) include silk sets, feathered wings, familiars and more!

Tickets are 1000t each, with free tickets available!  Draw will happen 15th September 2014.  For full details and to reserve your tickets, check out this forum thread.

Hey guys! I’m raffling off 8 custom accents, gem familiars, festival bears, apparel, normal familiars, and possibly more stuff! Tickets are only 1000t or 3g. 

If you follow me, post in the thread saying that you follow me and with your URL (if you don’t feel safe doing that PM me) and you’ll get 3 free tickets! 

Click on the banner for the thread C:

[포토] 경북 괴연저수지 방수로 붕괴…인명피해는 없어

21일 오전 9시4분께 경북 영천시 괴연동 괴연저수지의 방수로 10m가 무너져 저수지에 가득 차 있던 물 6만1000t이 쏟아져 주변 주택과 농경지가 침수됐다. 주민들이 긴급히 대피해 인명 피해는 없었다. 영천에는 지난 17일부터 이날 아침까지 250.5㎜의 비가 내렸다. 영천/뉴시스 <한겨레 인기기사> ■ 그날 박 대통령의 7시간, 그 기괴함에..

via 전체기사 : 뉴스 : 한겨레 뉴스 - 인터넷한겨레 - Jac888.com

via http://ift.tt/YDvJL9

New Raffle Update!

Buy any hatchling/dragon for sale in my hatchery and receive free tickets to my raffle, to the value of the dragon!  Tickets are priced at 1000t with bonus tickets for multibuys so, for example, a 5kt hatching would give you 5 free tickets.  A 10kt hatchling would give you 11 free tickets.  A 20kt hatchling would get you 22 free tickets, and so on!

Check out my hatchery thread here, for a full list of available hatchlings (more hatching over the next few days!).  And my raffle thread here, to see a full prize list!


Senka’s really into beauty, and isn’t scared to point out what she thinks is ugly. She can be very bitter towards Nature and Earth clans because she thinks they’re “filthy”.


# of Reviews Requested: 1

To receive an IC review, please send me (missingnickel #67071) a message including 2,000T and whatever you’d like to be tagged with here on tumblr so you can locate your review easily. Tips in treasure are highly appreciated.

Normal payment will get 4 dragons. With each 1000T you tip adds another dragon to the review. The maximum number of dragons included in a review is 6.

Ten lifting methods used

1 tower crane lifting: lifting capacity of 3 ~ l00T, arm length at 40 ~ 80m, used in a fixed place of use, long life cycle of the occasion, more economical. Generally stand-alone operation, but also dual-lift crane.
bridge cranes lifting: lifting capacity of 3 ~ 1000T span of 3 ~ 150m, and easy to use. More for the plant, using the workshop, usually stand-alone operation, but also dual-lift crane.
3 truck crane hoisting: hydraulic telescopic boom, lifting capacity of 8 ~ 550T arm length at 27 ~ 120m; has steel arm, lifting capacity at 70 ~ 250T arm length of 27 ~ 145m flexible …. Easy to use. Can be stand-alone, dual lifting, but also multi-machine lifting.
4 crawler crane lifting: lifting capacity from tens of tons to thousands of tons. Arm length up to hundreds of meters;, the small weight lifting can walk, long flexible, easy to use, life cycle, more economical. Can be stand-alone, dual lifting, but also multi-machine lifting.
5 helicopters lifting: lifting capacity of 26T, used in other hoisting machinery can not be completed, such as the mountains, altitude, etc..
6 mast lifting system: usually the system by masts, wind cable rope. Improve the system, dragging row roll bar system, traction slip tail system components. Mast with a single mast, double mast, mast miter gate word mast, Tic-Tac-mast; hoist lifting system has a pulley system, hydraulic lifting system, hydraulic jacking system; single and double mast mast slip upgrade method, pull the switch (single turn, double turn) Act, no anchor elected France and other lifting technology.
7 cable portable gantry cranes lifting: lifting methods used in other occasions inconvenient or uneconomical, hanging little weight, span, height larger applications, such as bridge construction, television overhead lifting equipment.
8 hydraulic lifting France: current use “strand suspension bearing, hydraulic lifting jacks clusters, computer-controlled synchronous” approach, mainly on the pull-in (or upgrade) and Climbing (or top up) in two ways.
9 hoisting method using the structures, namely the use of the building structure for lifting points (building structure must be checked, and obtain design consent), to achieve by lifting or moving equipment winches, pulleys and other spreader.
10. ramp upgrade method, namely, by the erection of the ramp, the use of winches, pulleys and other equipment to enhance the spreader to the foundation in place.

earthwalkerswillneverdie said:

What's the guitar you use with all the stickers and the ESP style headstock on it?

Well… There’s two and they’re both ESP LTD guitars.

One is a White EC-1000T with a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates in the bridge. The other is a Gold Hybrid-II with a Duncan SHPR-1 P-Rails in the bridge.