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First live performance of Live While We’re Young

Note: The reason their timing was off in a few places is because the crowd was extremely loud and their in-ears probably weren’t that good causing them to not hear the track.

Important announcement!

Okay. So. Hello holodash! I know many but not all of you, but I would like to let you know that shortly, I will be offering tours through the Valley of Kings! Its an area that’s hard to reach by yourself, and going without a guide is a decidedly bad idea, but I basically run the place!

Here’s what the Valley of Kings is; It’s the worlds largest fossil rehabilitation reserve. With Kalos containing fossils normally found in every region, the rates of revivals and releases and even new breeds had been higher than before. So I petitioned the Kalosian governement to set aside some land over by the cliffs of glittering cave.

In this valley there exists every single fossil Pokemon you could imagine, in abundance! Along with a bunch of other Pokemon that fit the theme, and or decided to make their home here.

Tours are actually only 1000P per person, and you get a free first stage Pokemon of your choosing! Just one for now.

Nothing is stopping you from coming back though. ;)

Later on, I’ll set aside part of the Valley to use as a safari park, as over population there might be a problem. Eventually.

If you all could do me a real big favor and… Spread this around? Maybe shoot me a message if you’re interested? Oh. Private tours are more expensive. Most will be conducted in groups of 5.

((If your char wants a private tour, hit me up and we can discuss rp things, if they want a public tour, just like make a post mentioning that melody took them on a tour and they’ve got this neat fossil Pokemon with them. ))