Tyler Hill is a graphic designer gone rogue. Since ceasing employment in the youth fashion industry, he is slowly manifesting a new kind of culture through his blog 1000 LOST CHILDREN.

This extremely talented graphic designer toys with a myriad of illustrative mediums. Anything from free hand pen and pencil drawings to digital photo manipulation and collages. His desire to create and experiment across so many artistic methods has resulted in a rebellion against conforming to one single style. At This is a Plain Tee we want to celebrate passion and dedication to ones art whatever it may be - this guy has these qualities all stitched up. Embrace it. He is a freak for skulls and is just rad. Tyler Hill hearts human anatomy and morbid themes - we heart Tyler Hill.

The Tyler Hill Artist Series will be dropping in stores 10th - 14th of February. Already the response has been amazing. All styles are now available for pre-order online, don’t miss out.

We caught up with Tyler to ask him a few questions, draw the curtains as such on this elusive character.

TIAPT: We’re all quite excited to be getting our hands on some of your collection, are you pumped to see your art on some tees?
Tyler Hill: Thanks man, yeah definitely, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people happily showcase your work on the front of themselves as they go about their day..

TIAPT: Tell us about your creative process, is there anything in particular that inspires you to create your art?
Tyler Hill: Well, I think I tend to work best when it doesn’t feel like work. So normally I’ll just spend a ridiculous amount of time on the internet looking at things and listening to music. Movies too, yeah I watch so many movies. They are great for ideas. I tend to find ideas out of anything but then I generally need a fair bit of time to tweak it and throw my own spin onto it. I love mashing concepts together. I come up with a lot of strange ideas, most of the time they’re too bizarre to bother continuing.

TIAPT: Have you always been creative?
Tyler Hill: I guess. I started drawing and doing arty things at an early age but I never really put it to good use until I left school.

TIAPT: You working on anything exciting at the moment homeboy?
Tyler Hill: Working on a few little projects. I’ve just done a collaboration with The Walart for a signature artist wallet which will be released at the start of February which I’m stoked about too.

TIAPT: Tell us a little bit about the 1000 Lost Children blog?
Tyler Hill: I started it close to a year and a half ago just so I could archive a lot of the imagery I was collecting for inspiration and reference for my art. Initially I tried storing all of it on my computer but I’m terrible when it comes to organising folders so it just ended up everywhere. Having it all on the internet where I could find it turned out to be the best choice. I’m really into morbid photography, art and anything that’s just really weird so most of the imagery is focused around that. Turns out other people like it too and it has slowly gained a following.

TIAPT: Fashion and Art have a complex, often symbolic relationship, what are your thoughts on how they interact/influence each other?
Tyler Hill: Haha man not this question please. Art theory at school traumatised me a little.

TIAPT: What do you get up to when your not creating art?
Tyler Hill: Nothing overly constructive or worth noting. If you really want to know I hibernate during the week and then venture out a bit on the weekends. I like video games and nerdy things. I used to like taking long drives out west a little and going bushwalking. I have a treadmill now though so I rarely leave the house. Exciting hey.

TIAPT: You have been exhibiting your work recently, tell us a little bit about that?
Tyler Hill: Yeah I never really thought to get my art out there until last year. I got myself into a group exhibition and then from there more have just fallen into place. If something comes up I’m generally pretty keen to get involved. The most recent one was at the end of 2011 for Allusive Collections.

TIAPT: I hear your battling anorexia, this true?
Tyler Hill: Are you taking the piss because I said I have a treadmill?

TIAPT: Coke or Water?
Tyler Hill: Both.

TIAPT: Is there anything that makes you smile on the inside, something that you laugh about to yourself that you don’t tell anyone about?
Tyler Hill: Yeah I do that a fair bit but I can never recall what it was.

TIAPT: Do you sleep walk?
Tyler Hill: Can’t say I do.

TIAPT: What is the highlight of your everyday?
Tyler Hill: If I can keep doing what I love doing then the whole day is going to be grand.

TIAPT: Describe yourself in one word?
Tyler Hill: Dreamer.

TIAPT: Likes?
Tyler Hill: Hmmm. Sleep, people watching, vodka, the internet, hibernating, stationary, movies, overcast days, buying things… That’s all I can think of.

TIAPT: Dislikes?
Tyler Hill: Interviews. Especially job interviews. People who talk too much, flies and mosquitos, people who leave the door open in air-conditioned rooms.

TIAPT: In 5 Years what will you be doing?
Tyler Hill: Hopefully retired or just doing what I’m doing now. I’ll probably be drawing forever.

TIAPT: One thing you want to do before you die?
Tyler Hill: Direct and produce a movie.

TIAPT: Tell us something unexpected about you?
Tyler Hill: My hands tremble a bit and I don’t know why. It makes me appear as though I’m always nervous.

Thanks for taking the time to sit down and have a chat.

The Artist Collection by Tyler Hill will be dropping in store mid February.
Pre Orders are now available on our website.

For 1000 Lost Children click this link.