B & Y

Been putting this off for months! I come back to it and there were so many things I wasn’t satisfied with—-it was just a huge process of unsatisfaction as I tried to finish it. Still not 100% happy with it but whatever, lets move on with life now. This one’s a print for Tsukino Con. I planned on doing a second print with Ruby and Weiss for the con as well but I’m running behind schedule so it may or may not be done for the con. It will be done though! Eventually.


Hi I’m not dead, I gave up on live blogging and was just too tired to post yesterday’s stuff. So instead, have today’s pictures while I organize yesterday’s stuff. Some captions, but not much

Right to left, top to bottom

SNK wallet with chain, pinssss (hanji and levi from kawaii boku. Batman, iron man, captain america, thor, loki, rin matsuoka, haruka nanase, makoto tachibana, nagisa hazuki and rei ryugazaki from Blu and Blk Illustrations),
I believe its Kaneki and Touka, and the Free! boys, both by 1000flyingkites, Levi’s squad + Eren, more shirtless Free! boys i have a slight obsession over all of them and my friends were teasing me all day and a few pictures of today’s cosplay my eyes are closed. It was too bright.

Yesterday’s stuff will be posted in a couple hours. Also, because I forgot to ask the cosplayers i took photos of if they minded having their pictures posted, i will not be posting them, no matter how awesome they are.

So there were all these spiders in the room that my sister and I share at the new place we moved into and my roommate (who fears spiders) decided in a sporadic fit of “bravery” to kill them all with his shoes but there’s this one left in the top corner of our ceiling we can’t reach who I’m pretty sure witnessed the entire massacre of his family and friends…it’ll come for us in our sleep I know it ;’D