Crossing the Line

Author: Aoitsukikage
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 20,700
Summary: Blaine and Kurt meet in college when they share a dorm room together. Both of them are hiding their sexuality, but since neither is getting any action elsewhere, they enter into a friends-with-benefits type of relationship. Eventually it goes a little too far to be just ‘bros helping bros’ and the truth has to come out. 

Five Times Kurt Doesn't Let Blaine Propose...And One Time it Goes a Little Differently

Author: Flaming-muse
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 10,657
Summary: Five times Kurt stops Blaine before he can propose to him. Plus something else.

Flood the Skies and Blur the Darkness

Author: Twivamp92
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 13,620
Summary: Kurt meets Rachel and her older brother Blaine when he’s five years old. The three become instant friends and grow up together. When Kurt’s 16 he realizes he likes Blaine. He’s also 16 when Blaine goes away to college. When he’s 17 and Blaine’s home Christmas Break, Blaine realizes that the kid he grew up with isn’t so little anymore.

Where We Belong

Author: Purseplayer
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 10,911
Summary: When Kurt reluctantly joins Big Brothers, Big Sisters at the age of 16, he’s worried that the child he’s paired with will want as little to do with him as his peers. He’s completely unprepared for the ways in which he’ll shape Blaine’s life for years to come - let alone the significance Blaine will hold in his own.

One Fine Day

Author: Xxxraquelita
Rating: G
Word Count: 20,201
Summary: Kurt witnessed many moments in his life as a bridal designer – he moment a bride found her dress, saw herself in it for the first time, the one where she could see herself standing up in front of her family and friends and saying ‘I do.’ Working as he did in that industry, he hardly expected to have a moment of his own while he was at work, but that was exactly what happened.

They Say the Key to a Happy Marriage is to Marry Your Best Friend

Author: Sincewhendoiwritefanfic
Rating: M
Word Count: 15,275
Summary: Blaine Anderson realizes that, in order to access his trust fund, he needs to be married for an entire year. Luckily, his best friend is always willing to play along with whatever plans he thinks of.


Author: Lovely-sparkle
Rating: R
Word Count: 21,000
Summary: Kurt goes to see a therapist at the insistence of Rachel and is surprised to discover it’s none other than Blaine Anderson, his former best friend and high school crush. Blaine tells Kurt he can’t treat him, but what enfolds is something neither could have predicted: a chance for healing for them both.
Has a sequel here