Famous for his deeds a warrior may be, but it remains a mystery where his life will end, when he may no longer dwell in the mead-hall among his own.

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So...if gao!Felix would meet headcanon!Felix... Would they compliment each other how beautiful they are or would they fight over this? x3

110% certain they would fight.

but then…

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1,000 Matches In 2015 - Match 125:
Trick Or Street Fight:
Cesaro Vs. Dean Ambrose

WWE SmackDown [October 31st, 2014]

A very fun gimmicky match between two wrestlers who came up through the independents at the same time, through very different means. While Cesaro was part of the Kings Of Wrestling with Chris Hero, Ambrose was doing hardcore battles with the likes of Drake Younger and Jimmy Jacobs. Now, in the WWE, Cesaro is cited (accordingly) as one of the most polished and impressive athletes in the company, whilst Ambrose is appropriately titled “unstable”. This is the kind of match that makes me smile, as everything is Halloween-themed, including a group of jack-o-lanterns lining the apron. Imagine that scene in the locker room as a group of stage hands struggle to carve pumpkins in time for the show to start.


I can not believe this has actually happened and I am beyond happy about it and I have decided to give you an entire little short story to express my love for every single one of you out there but first I would like to thank some people:

My internet moms:



You’re always there for me with support, advices and comfort when I feel like I’m stuck and you always make me happy. It kind of totally sucks that you both live so far away because I really want to give you the biggest hugs.

The dorks :(aka people which love I do not deserve but they somehow think I am worthy of it and I am just generally confused as to why they even follow me)

introvertedbookworm24 -you are the sweetest and it’s absolutely adorable how much you care, please never stop being you

thisllamadoesdrama -I love your blog, I love your attitude I just love you as a person, okay

thebookhangover  -Thank you for totally making me believe that I might be cooler than I think I am, there is no other way to put it, I am really looking forward to fangirl more with you in the future

missjessaminegray -I know we almost never speak anymore but I just want you to know that if you want to fangirl, rant or simply just talk about anything you can always come to me because I still love you, girl <3

negative-pessimist -I believe that when I say thank you for making so many of my days so much better I speak for all of the booklr community because you very much is the sun of booklr

ananasbooks -Dear Agnes, you must own some kind of magic because you seem to be more awesome and awesome every time and while this isn’t even a little bit fear I must say that it’s an honor to call you my friend ALSO YOUR BOOKPHOTOS, HOW ARE YOU REAL????

tilly-and-her-books - You are such a sweetie and even though we haven’t talked much I just want to say that I really like you and your bookshelves/bookphotos *hearteyes*

tea-books-lover there is something about you that make you really cool and I can not believe you find me kind of cool back, this is all too much

thebooker - the moment you followed me was a moment of fangirling and every moment since have made me really happy because you’re a genuinely great person??? and cool??? and your blog??? is great???? 

duckduckbooks - ducks are cute and so are you, books are awesome so are you, there is clearly a connection there 

freshface-blankpage- every single time I see you on my dashboard I am happy that I followed you because you smile so bright and you are just the best and I have loved you like since forever

booknerdjenny- I am so mad at myself because I almost forgot to add you on this list so right now I would just like to add: last but definitely not least the lovely Jenny who is the sweetest and cutest and yes I really love talking to you, snapchatting with you and I love you *blows you a kiss*

And then also a quick shoutout to some other of my faves:

myambitionzazawritah, mariethelibrarian, bluestockingbookworm, futureofmydays, perksofreadingbooks, nowacceptingfirstborns and smaugthebookhoarder

 and also shoutout to: forestreads, exquisitefeminism and crr-n-m-wwrd-sn for being swedes (nej men på riktigt ni är underbara!!)

Now I want to show you something…

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Formerly the PanAm building, on May 16th 1977 a helicopter was landing on the top of the PanAm building when it crashed, killing five including one woman on Madison Avenue, who met her maker by way of the rotor blade - disconnected from the aircraft - which came spinning down and cut her head off.

Helipads have been banned from the PanAm, now MetLife Building, since.

Happy Tuesday!

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An art suggestion you say? How about Grif and a puma hanging out

wait, puma, thats the name of the car right

i mean it kind of looks like a puma

also, gonna be slower than expected on these hahaha OTL there are a lot of suggestions and i have work ahh so yeah plz be patience

im still celebrating!!! ask me anything or suggest a thing for me to draw!


Dean/Cas – Endlessly
for puppycastiel & flexibledean

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Everyone pause what they are doing. Thank you. Okay. It is 1:59 A.M. on March 4th of 2015. Today, at this moment, one of my stories just hit 1000 notes. This has never happened in the history of my life and so I thought it right to document it. Thank you to all those who made it possible (not my family, I mean all the wonderful followers I have who encourage me more every day to smile and keep writing because you guys are the real heroes of my life). Carry on. Have a wonderful day.