Britney #4 on Men's Health's 100 Hottest Women of All Time

Britney was voted #4 on Men Health’s 100 Hottest Women of All Time List. In our opinion, she should have been #1, but she beat some of the worlds most famous women like Madonna, Farrah Fawcett, and Elizabeth Taylor. :) The top 10 is as follows:

  1. Jennifer Aniston
  2. Raquel Welch
  3. Marilyn Monroe
  4. Britney Spears
  5. Madonna
  6. Ursula Andress
  7. Bettie Page
  8. Pamala Anderson
  9. Jane Fonda
  10. Angelina Jolie

Way to go Britney, you earned it!

100 Hottest Woman of All Time | Men’s Health

Jennifer Aniston was named the Hottest Woman of All Time in a new poll in Men’s Health magazine. Look, we know these lists are by nature subjective and generally ridiculous. We know they typically skew toward the more recent. We know only famous people are even eligible. And we love Jen. Love her. She’s one of our absolute favorites. But the idea that she’s the hottest woman ever is patently absurd.

Also, Britney Spears at number 4? Who did Men’s Health survey?

Jane Seymour on Men's Health list of 100 Hottest Women of All Time

Jane Seymour is one of 100 women selected by the readers of Men’s Health as the hottest of all time, she got 78 position. The number one is Jennifer Aniston and after her are Raquel Welch, Marilyn Monroe, Britney Spears, Madonna, Ursula Andress, Bettie Page, Pamela Anderson, Jane Fonda and Angelina Jolie. Audrey Hepburn and Julia Roberts got worse scores then Jane. Well, in my opinion Jane deserves first place, or at least place in the top five…