Character's Report Vol. 1 Translations

Goldpanner has translated Director Tetsuya Nomura’s comments from Kingdom Hearts Character’s Report Vol. 1. He offers some real insight regarding various characters and worlds from Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, so be sure to check it out. 

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Donald Duck 
If Mickey is the king, then following medieval fantasy tradition, his two retainers must be a knight and a magician. Then, I simply thought it would be very cute to hear Donald’s voice casting spells, so I made him the magician. Disney had the opinion that as Donald was the one with the temper he would better suit the knight role, but the image of Donald casting spells was already complete in my head, and nothing could change it. Please take note of the zipper on his hat. It actually goes in a spiral shape, so if you were to undo it his hat would become one long piece of cloth. 

Kairi, who was a tomboy in KHI, became a little bit more mature in KHII. She changed a lot outwardly since at that age girls grow a lot faster than boys, but her lively personality didn’t fundamentally change. Enough that ‘with Riku and Sora gone, right now Kairi is the strongest person on Destiny Islands’ is an actual premise. I like the scene in KHI, when she watches the sunset with Sora, and tells him not to change. I thought it showed very well her anxiety and loneliness over how as we get older we find a distance growing between us and our close friends.

100 Acre Wood 
In both KHI and KHII, the part where the cover of the picture book is completed at the end makes me cry. Pooh himself doesn’t realise that he won’t be able to see Sora and the others again–which is far too upsetting. I feel like I really am a child, or something. It’s very difficult to write dialogue for those peculiar characters. Each time I work very hard to give them their particular, odd voices.

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The clock is quickly winding down until KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5 ReMIX releases in Japan, so it’s only natural that we receive another massive image update from the media! Today, we have a total of 43 screenshots being shown off by both Gamewatch and4Gamer. Many of these were included in the Famitsu update we made 3 days ago, but they are now available more vibrant and without a watermark!

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