I opened my OSX to see if its still working, luckily it still does.

And then this popped up, my old to-do list. Hahaha for fuck sake, I was only able to check one!!

Look at my mom’s website task. When its our term break and I’m at home, she keeps on reminding me about that everyday. I dunno why I cant start on it, maybe because its free. To think of this now depresses me, a simple request from my mom, I can’t deliver. Thinking of all the things they’ve done to me :(

Well, I’m not really a family person. But I promise that I will start on this, this summer. Hopefully XD


I have an older iMac [before they added the camera. old g5 I believe? OS: 10.5.8]

I have a ‘No Airport Card Installed’ issue. I have no way to access my airport options of my mac, because they are nonexistent because my computer does not believe my airport exists c: I cannot turn it on from the top option bar, I cannot access it in my Network from System Preferences, I cannot add a new Airport option from said Network to hook up my airport again. I cannot do anything with anything. 

How do I fix this?

I have restarted, shut down, unplugged, commanded+optioned+p’d+r’d, I can deleted files, I have repaired my disk utilities, I have rebooted again and again, and now my mac is just chilling in off mode. [I stole my 12 year old sisters laptop for the night] So, I would appreciate any help given :cm

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