10.29.2012 - Well...

Well today…I slept through class…it was so boring and I was so lost in the beginning, so I was like fuck it, yolo. And slept…kekeke.


Got home and hard-core cleanede my kitchen for 3 mothafucking hours. But it’s spickin-span clean and I’m proud of it. 


Uhhhhhhhhh then I made too much dinner and it took me like 3 hours to finish all of it. Yes….I started eating at 6:30 and finally finished at 9:30, and I don’t regret anything.


Ah, I was watching Ohoku while eating, which is probably why it took me so long to eat buttttttttt FRUSTRATIONS I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY FOR THE NEXT EPISODE JUST GIVE IT TO ME NAAAOOOOOOOO.


I was looking for a good gif to use that’s from Ohoku and all I can find are nino ones…hmph. Well of course. Cuz his is better (‾▽‾) BUT STILL.




Gets me every time…LOOK AT THIS. I don’t even understand how Shibasaki Kou kept herself from not tackling this lil puppy giving her this look:






Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day! =]

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One Direction x Wonderland: Teaser for behind-the-scenes cover shoot

Cute Overload!!

Teaser for the Wonderland cover shoot with One Direction… and a lot of Labrador puppies. Watch out for the full-length video next week, complete with the first look at our cover. For info on where to buy the magazine, go here: http://bit.ly/S8o2D2

Monday - Oct 29

Omg there’s so much random stuff on ebay I wanna buy lol. Its stuff I don’t need but its so cuuutee haha. 

In English teacher was telling us about our next project about technology and the future. She gave us hella examples but I still don’t know what to do mine on. People were talking about all these things I’ve never heard of, well its like stuff in progress or proposals but how do people find out these things. Like invisibility cloaks for the army…o_o  Atm micro chips embedded in your wrist and micro chips with your medical info. Some sort of transportation that takes you out of the atmosphere and back down to travel across the world faster. And google glasses. And designer genes where you and know and alter the genes of your baby. There was more but… wtf is happening, how technology is developing so fast is kind of creepy. Man I need to read the news more because I never heard of this stuff before today i was like o_o when teacher was talking about it. I need to pick something to research and write about, something I can write 8-10 pages about. ._. 

I was planning to go to grandpa’s after school on Wednesday but then I realized its the Giants parade :o and downtown is gonna be sooo crowded and the buses. :l Idk if it will be around his area though, probably. Guess I won’t go then lol. I’m not going to the parade because … meh. Lotta crazy drunk people. I heard yesterday there was a lot of vandalism, people set the bus on fire and they set trash cans on fire and flipping over OTHER people’s cars. What the fuck kind of celebration is that. Why don’t they go celebrate by burning themselves. Way to embarrass our city. 

Dman it I keep forgetting to get a stamp and mail my letter to Ayaka. omggggg. It’s been almost a month -____- I keep forgetting everything I wrote in it is so dated. >_> I didn’t even write a date on it so its like so….wtf. 

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One Direction - Little Things (Lyric Video)

Posting again because it’s so good!

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The Video Diary of Harry’s mom- Anne & Vicky’s Kilimanjaro Video Diary

Here’s our video diary we recorded in our tent each day.
Many thanks to everyone who has sponsored us, if you like this and feel you’d like to donate our justgiving page remains open until the end of December 2012
thanks everyone, on behalf of Believe in Magic