10.000th post dedicated to:

• ”His goals are works of art”
• “We praise Wayne Rooney to the heavens, likewise Ronaldo or Messi. But we have our own Messi. Our Messi is him.”
• ”He’s the kind of player you don’t find these days.”
• ”He’s unique. There is no copy of him – not even a bad copy.”
• ”Technically perfect.”
• “He understands the game, sees things, combines and thrives between the lines, unlocking teams.”
• ”He has total control of the ball and great imagination.”
• ”He will make history at Real Madrid.”
• ”The new Diego.”

Mesut Özil, the best number 10 in the world.

I almost had 10.000 posts and I thought of the post i could make as the 10.000th post and while I was thinking Idk I just forgot and started blogging again so yeah now I’m way over 10.000 post but I checked and I’m very happy now. because my 10.000th post was this and it’s a harry potter post. harry potter was my first fandom so I’m just glad it was in a ‘special post’.