It's all starting to make sense!

All this time I’ve thought I must have some mental illness. This may bot be the case at all. I stumbled across a personality test and got a really high procentage of beeing introvert. I’ve never heard about introvert or extrovert before. I started looking it up now because I can’t sleep and did some more tests and got even higher procentage of beeing introvert. I’ve read up about it and it all fits me so well! 

This time I’ve thought I’d have a light form of bipolar or borderline or a mix or something. Now I’m not saying I can’t have a personality disorder, but this makes more sense and is way more likely. 

I’m going to read up on it way more to learn and understand myself. It said that introvert people often feel wierd because most people are extrovert. Many extrovert people don’t understand introvert people and vice versa. I’m wuite sure this is because they don’t know about the differenses or that somone might be more of the oposite than they are.

I find it so interesting to find out more about myself. I feel that I’m finally learning to know who I am, what my needs are and how to deal with it. This feels really good!


10.000th post dedicated to:

• ”His goals are works of art”
• “We praise Wayne Rooney to the heavens, likewise Ronaldo or Messi. But we have our own Messi. Our Messi is him.”
• ”He’s the kind of player you don’t find these days.”
• ”He’s unique. There is no copy of him – not even a bad copy.”
• ”Technically perfect.”
• “He understands the game, sees things, combines and thrives between the lines, unlocking teams.”
• ”He has total control of the ball and great imagination.”
• ”He will make history at Real Madrid.”
• ”The new Diego.”

Mesut Özil, the best number 10 in the world.

I almost had 10.000 posts and I thought of the post i could make as the 10.000th post and while I was thinking Idk I just forgot and started blogging again so yeah now I’m way over 10.000 post but I checked and I’m very happy now. because my 10.000th post was this and it’s a harry potter post. harry potter was my first fandom so I’m just glad it was in a ‘special post’.