Emergency Commissions

Pay-What-You-Want with the starting minimum of :

5 EUR for Inked Picture (Inked, no colors, no shades, simple background)

7 EUR for Monochrome (Inked, colors and shades of black & white, detailed background)

10 EUR for Simply Colored (Inked, colored, no shading, background)

15 EUR for Full Scaled Pictures (Inked, colored, shadings, detailed background)

I can draw avatars/icons, comic pages, characters (Of all kinds. Humans, robots, anthropomorphic and etc), banners, posters and more.

This applies for both Safe For Work and Not Safe For Work pictures.

Commissioned art can be livestream’ed if requested so.

All payments are processed via PayPal to my e-mail address.

You can contact me for a commission and/or more information via :

E-Mail : romuald.z69@gmail.com

Tumblr : http://roliciousgallery.tumblr.com/ask

DeviantArt : http://rolicious.deviantart.com/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/Rolicious_Art

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/rolicious

If you want to help but can’t afford a picture that’s okay, sharing this post can help as well.

Thank you and hope to hear from you!

thepokemormon asked:

When you get this ask make a list of five things that make you happy, :) then send this to the last ten people who have reblogged you :)

ok umm

1. This creature:

2. The fact that Kale is seductive now, I guess:

3. This weirdo I married:

4. This adorable picture of my Mexican Grandma in antlers:

5. These idiots:

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Name: Meghan

Time and Date of exact moment: March 23st, 2015 2:36pm (sorry it took me so long T_T)

Average hours of sleep: 5-8 Hours

Last thing I googled: Hover Text Code

Nickname: Really close friends are allowed to call me Meg sometimes.

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Demi-Sexual

Height: 5′3~4”

Favorite Color:Black, white, blue, some green

One place that makes you happy: Mesa, Arizona

What are you wearing: Michigan Great Lake shirt with blue flannel

Last book you read: Kindred

I tag: mishas-poptart castiels-feathery-butt thegirlwhohateswaiting they-chose-family bamf-castiel fandomsandrubbish bloggeronbakerstreet 69-shades-of-shezza destielhiseyesopened black-the-new-red

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1. Name: Ariel Madison
2. Current time and date: 7:35 pm March 25, 2015
3. Average hours of sleep: 7-9
4. Last thing you googled: images of puppies <3
5. Nicknames: Mermaid, Ari

6. Birthday: July 2 1998

7. Gender: Female.

8. Sexual orientation: whatever I like really.
9. Height: 5’5” and a half
10. Favorite Color: technically it’s a shade not a color but black or lilac purple
11. One place that makes me happy: a library
12. How many blankets do I sleep under: one

13. Favorite movies: Avengers, LoTR, Star wars, HP, X-Men, Big hero 6

14. Favorite food: ice cream at the moment

15: What are you wearing right now.?: a baggy camo sweatshirt with a tank top underneath and some black leggings and neon colored socks
16: last book you read: The Lovely Bones

17: sports you play: I used to play ton back in elementary, now I don’t
18: any pets?: none unfortunately ;-;
19: cartoons/anime?: cartoons! Mainly because adventure time and Teen Titans the older version.
20. Where are you from?: Saskatchewan CAN
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Dark River Original Acrylic Painting by Artist Ryan O’Neill

One of a kind fine abstract art - makes a great original gift.

Very striking abstract colors a beautiful acrylic painting by Ryan O’Neill
This painting has depth and texture and comes in an 8 x 10 double white mat.

Medium: Acrylic Paint
Paper: Acrylic Grade Cold Press Paper
Painting Sizes: 5 X 7 inches
Frame: Unframed
Mat: Double White 8 X 10 mat

Painting Colors: Shades of Purple Red, Black, Yellow, Green, Blue and White

This painting was painting with a pallet knife.

Makes a great gift.

WORD Today
Num 21:4-9
Jn 8:21-30
The Cross, the symbol of Christianity, is today just a shiny piece of jewelry worn as decoration. Christ is no longer on it. And as the cross lost Christ, so have we lost all sense of sin.
There is no longer absolute right or wrong, only individual choices. There are no longer 10 Commandments but 10 Suggestions. No more black or white, only shades of gray.
Today’s readings challenge us to regain the right vision of the cross, to see a horrible instrument of torture and death on which we drive a nail through Jesus every time we sin (Heb 6:6).
Let us never forget that it is SIN - mine & yours - that killed the Son of God on the cross. Jesus says, “If you do not believe that I AM (God the Savior), you will die in your sins.”
If we do not admit and confess our sin, we are denying our need to be saved. Jesus cannot take away our sin and we die with it forever in hell.

🔹50 Shades of Fiyabomb
🔹April 4th @ Time: 7pm - 11pm (doors close at 9 pm)
🔹The Dirt Salon,
50 Bartholomew Avenue, Hartford, CT 06052 
🔹Attire: 50 Shades of Grey (Black, Gray, or White)
🔹Admission Fee: $10 at the door, prepaid tickets will be sold the week of the event.
🔹Art Price Range: $100 - $600 Features: Showcasing from the incredible designer @matthewreisman, visual artists @eddiegvrciv, @jj_theartist, and @veratwinsart, along with live performances from musician @_eugenejunior, violinist @formysoul169, and guitarist @ghetto_guitar.
🔹What to expect: Raffles up to $300+ paintings, refreshments, music, beautiful body painted models, all sex artwork will be for sale, creative atmosphere of intense networking. All photographers, videographers, bloggers, designers are welcomed. I will be making my big announcement at 9 pm. This gallery will be streamed live. Thank you. ❤️ at 50 Shades of Fiyabomb (at The Dirt Salon)