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Hi if you're still accepting fic prompts, Ten meeting Ellie :)

Hi, I’m the anon who asked for a Ten meeting Ellie fic. I’d love it if Rose was there too. Otp forever <3

She was feeding Fred lunch when she thought she heard a funny noise.  She checked her phone, but that wasn’t it.  Maybe it was the bloody dryer again.  She put down the bowl of noodles and went to check.  It wasn’t that.  Maybe she was hearing things.  She hoped she wasn’t; she was much too young to start going senile.  

She sat back down at the kitchen table and scooped up the discarded noodles on Fred’s tray and put them back in the bowl.  Just as she was preparing another fork full there was a knock at the door.  But it was the back door.  Strange.  Who the hell could that be?

Slightly annoyed, she got up once again and went to answer it, cautiously.

"Bloody hell," she said as she stood dumbfounded at what was on the other side.  

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Watching Doomsday when my roommate, a non-Whovian, walks in and catches the end, the scene we never speak of. And she was nearly as torn as I was.

"That shit is way fucked up. Not okay. I am not even emotionally invested in these characters and I am really upset. Like, that gave me the feels. I DON’T WANT THE FEELS."

Which basically sums up the collective feeling of the fandom about that part of the episode. Oh, by the way, I am feeling positively capital after that. The capital of Curled-up-in-the-fetal-position-crying-topia, Feels City.

Here’s part 10 in a series of posts about the numerology of the Minor Arcana.

Let’s just wrap this up, shall we?

So far I have described our reality as an endlessly self-aware, self-replicating consciousness. By counting the numbers One through Nine, we have watched this occur in a fractal pattern that resembles Serpienski’s Triangle:

Obviously there’s no natural stopping point to this, but for the sake of representing our solid, earthly realm as we experience it, we are going to impose one. Ladies and gentlemen, the Ten!

The points here are arranged in the form of the Tetractys, a symbol studied by the ancient Pythagoreans, whose contributions to mystical numerology are often overshadowed by the Kabbalah — both the Jewish kind, and the occult revisionist kind. Kabbalah’s historical roots are entangled with Pythagorean thought (of course, religious adherents claim it goes back to Adam and Eve). The numerological bits of the tarot deck are a funny pictorial hodge-podge of these ideas, mashed together with the classical elements.

In Kabbalah, that dangling tenth emanation completes the glyph known as the Tree of Life:

In either case, Ten represents the eventual conclusion of a divine concept or impulse crystallizing fully into matter. If number One is the “crown" of the godhead, then Ten is its "kingdom.” It’s reality’s playground, as well as its cemetery. There is no lower form of existence we can imagine, but because it’s an expression of divinity — the ultimate expression — it is still utterly sacred.

In the cards, the Ten is the same: the end of a journey we set out upon with the Ace. The results are what we get when a dream literally come true: it becomes weighed down by its mundanity, exhausted by the lack of potential.

And so the Ten is neither the happiest or the purest card in its suit. In the Wands, we experience the burden of bearing up an entire world by sheer force of will.

In the Cups, everything appears to be jolly and robust — perhaps a bit too perfect. There’s nothing left to yearn for, and since that’s what the heart does best, it grows restless.

In the Swords, we achieve a release of sorts, through destruction. With literally nowhere left to turn, the mind relents and accepts its failure to predict or cope with the world as we know it. This is fertile ground for change.

Speaking of fertility, the Coins have amassed great wealth. They’ve inherited the Earth, but are essentially now enslaved to the cause of tending it and perpetuating their rule over it.

In each of these cards, we find someone yearning for release. Here’s where we get to observe the Minor Arcana as an endlessly repeating cycle, just like the 22 Trump cards. The Ten poses a question that can only be answered by beginning again with another Ace, kicking off another round of departure, growth, imbalance, struggle, harmony, and all the rest of it.

Since each cycle builds upon the last, this is more than just a loop, it’s a spiral. Our life corkscrews behind us in diminishing, ever simplifying iterations. Ahead, the path grows wider and more complex, according to variables which we cannot yet see.

This is the map of a human life, according to just one part of the tarot deck.

The Court cards (King, Queen, etc.) are not built into this progression, they represent a different matrix entirely — one I’ll be discussing in a series of four posts coming up in the next few weeks.

Thank you for reading! I welcome any questions you may have.

10 Solangelo head canons
  1.  Sometimes Nico refers to Will as his, “Ray of sunshine”
  2. Will uses cheesy pick up lines on Nico
  3. Nico “borrows” Will’s shirts
  4. Will shoots arrows with cute messages attached into the Hades cabin
  5. Will plays music from a boom box outside the Hades cabin, but Nico doesn’t get it because he missed the 80’s and doesn’t watch movies
  6. Will writes sappy love poetry for Nico with Apollo’s help, Nico keeps them hidden in a shoe box because he wants no one to know that they exist.
  7. Nico takes Will to the underworld to meet his father, Persephone loves Will, and Hades doesn’t understand how someone can be as upbeat like Wi.
  8. Will tries to liven up the underworld by playing the drums on some skulls and uses bones as drum sticks. They surprisingly sound good, but then again Apollo is the god of music.
  9. Will notices that Percy has been following him around, and didn’t understand when Percy suddenly shouted, “Is it because he’s blonde?”
  10. Will begs Frank to teach him how to play mythomagic so he can surprise Nico.