Bad Wholf Alert

themerryimpala, is this what you wanted ? I hope so:

"Doctah…" Rose sighs, staring up at the green little leafs above their heads. "Again?"

"I didn’t put it there!" He protests adamantly, face turning red as the berries above them.

"They’re all ova the TARDIS!" Rose crosses her arms.

"Then it’s the decorum circuit or something… Blame the TARDIS, not me!" He says, running his fingers through his crazy mess of hair.

She sighs one last time, “Oh alright.” His hands slide down to her waist and he pulls her close. His striped suit meets her overalls, and for the third time today, their lips collide in a burst of energy. Rose can feel her heart pounding and the Doctor’s hearts too. She knows he’s lying about the circuit thingy-ma-bober. But that’s okay, because his warm frame pressed against hers is all she really wants for Christmas anyway.


Doctor Who Parallels 1/?

Bad Wolf + The Stolen Earth


10.psd by L-ECOULOIR!

Hello! This psd was made for photoshoots and events but you can use in anything you want to. It’s pastel colorful and you’ll need to adjust some layers depending on the picture. My resources are totally free, but I just want you to don’t repost or claim as your own, please. I hope you like it, enjoy!