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“I made this for you,” he says softly, looking down at the floor as a blush immediately burns his cheeks. He sticks out his hand abruptly and offers Jean the gift.

It’s the sachet with pine trees embroidered on it, only Marco’s filled it with pine needles and dried orange rind.

Jean just blinks at him in surprise. “I thought that if you… made this for someone, then…” he trails off, realization dawning on his face.

“Oh,” he says lamely, clearly dumbfounded. He takes the sachet from Marco gingerly, as if he’s afraid to touch it, and then brings it up to his nose to inhale.

To Everything There Is A Season by flecksofpoppy

I was Poppy's secret santa!! I hope you like this little comic, your fics are so wonderful and inspiring. Merry Chrimbus, Papi ♡

141225 Eunhyuk at Chocolat Bonbon:

Hyuk : Single everywhere!!

Me: I’ll have a boyfriend after oppa… going next yr!

Hyuk : where will i go?! where!

Me : somewhereㅋㅋ then i’ll have a boyfriend.

Hyuk : what boyfriend! you should wait for me!!

Me : ok then i’ll date for 2 yrs.

Hyuk : No, 1 yr!

Me : 1 yr?

Hyuk : one and a half yrs.

Me : ok get it ㅋㅋ


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Sam + childhood
This is my bittersamgirlclub Secret Santa gift for the-dilatory-dictator, who requested Winchester family dynamics. It’s not very festive, I’m afraid, but I hope you like it anyway! Happy Christmas!

Personal -Michael Clifford (Part 1)

Author’s Note: Ok so it’s just pass 2 in the fucking morning. So merry merry christmas to y’all even though i don’t really celebrate it, haha. I’ve been meaning to write for a while now but my head seems not to be focused into one prompt and this has been a difficult process to write. But there are at least more than 3 parts and all of them will be provided with gifs and I’m pretty happy with the prompt so I hope you like it!

(Y/N) = Your Name

(B/M/N) = Band Mate Name

(H/S/C) = His Side Chick

some parts of the series may be triggering to some, please be careful. there are strong language, action of events, crying, etc. within the characters.

(Y/N)’s POV

I’m in a band and I mainly play around with my band mates instruments but I play as the lead singer. Our music’s under punk-rock and we get to be really close to our fan base.

Our music style is a little bit more rock than Michael’s band. Our music was a lot more personal, relating to our lives.

As a young girl, I grew up with little to nothing. I was always treated like a trash and I come to believe that the only thing left was music. I was used, abused, and thrown in all direction and no piece of my heart was left. 

Days were long. Holidays were confusing. Love never lasted. 

But even my empty heart, ached for some kind of comfort. And music restored me some of that.

Most people don’t know what I’ve been through; they just summed up my life in their mind thinking that I’ve been through hell and now I’m living my dream. I’m grateful for the life style I have now, I was learning more to be who I am, I no longer starved, and I get to sing about my own and my band mates experiences and let people know that shit happens and at times it could feel like the end of the world, things do get better. But I still fight to live every day.


"You know (Y/N) sometimes, my fan base can get a little shady about you cuz you’re… you can be so fucking difficult." Michael confesses, his tone slightly on the edge.

"All I asked is if you knew someone since there are rumor flying around." I snort a bit confused and angry.

I don’t understand why he’s so cranky about the rumor, I tell people the truth and I do get annoyed sometimes people ask ridiculous questions but I’m not pissed off about it. He became cranky as soon as he opened the door.


"Do you hear yourself? You’re accusing me! You’re SO insecure that you need to ask if bullshit of a rumor’s true! That’s pathetic!" He scoffs, furious.

"Michael, I jus-"

"If you wanna go fucking dig up every rumor you find and accuse me, that’s fine. It doesn’t affect me or my career. I practically gave you and your stupid band a chance of a life time just by talking to you anyway." He humorlessly laughs, grabbing his jacket and keys and slammed the door on his way out.

…but you just came home

I guess, I’m alone. Again.

I would go call someone to talk to but I don’t feel like bothering people with my dumb insecurity problem.

He’s become so distant with me since 2 months ago and I was starting to become more insecure and suspicious every day and hearing rumors about how he was seeing another girl behind my back, I had to ask.

Maybe, I’m just simply not enough.


Ashton’s POV

I know exactly what Mike’s been up to instead of being with (Y/N). The drummer of (Y/N)’s band was close to me and she happened to be oldest in the band as well and since she was most concerned about (Y/N) due to her mental health state she’s been suspecting Michael had something to do with her recent odd behavior, acting more calmer than usual and sleeping in earlier.

At first, the thought of suspecting my own band mate might be a little too harsh so I shrugged it off but (Y/N) did look even more tired than always and went to sleep before everyone.

When I started paying extra careful attention to Mike sure enough he would text someone for good 30 minutes than he would leave coming back the next day with messy hair and lazy eyes, yawning before taking a shower and acting like nothing unusual was happening.

The thing that didn’t make sense to me was that (Y/N)’s honestly a great girl. I didn’t see anything that she did or said that could possibly make her a bad girlfriend. 

Understanding mental illness and having (B/M/N) tell me more personal things about (Y/N), I could see she really did the best she could do. She cooked, gave Mike gifts during holiday seasons, even when she was physically so tired, to the extent of (B/M/N) and I getting worried she still took care of Mike when he was clingy or when he was ill.

Couple days I figured out Mike was cheating, (Y/N) called sounding concerned. She was like a little sister to me and as two bands, we were all close. Mike and (Y/N)’s been together for about 5 months, which was pretty long for celebrity people but since (Y/N) and I talked a lot on the phone, I could tell they couldn’t spend quality together as often as Mike wanted to and he was distant when he had the chance and slowly but surely (Y/N) was going to figure it out.

Everywhere she went, she always smiled and seem to want nothing but to spread kindness and joy. When people suspected her being depressed or ill she would only weakly smile at them and insisted that she was only tired and she was trying to stay fit. The only time she was truly resting was when she was alone.

And I know what she’s doing, alone in her closed bunk bed. The exact list of things she was doing in there. The dangerous dark path, she was suffering all alone.

The thought only made me even more furious.

Now 6 months together with Mike, (Y/N) figured it out as I heard her ask when I walked into her hotel room…

"Ash, Michael has somebody else doesn’t he?"