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I'm not trying to be mean I really just don't understand how you can be so great at meta and understand the show so well yet not find Dean abusive?

Well, that’ll be because I am great at meta and understanding the show then. 

I’ll say a few things: 

1. Sam and Dean are living in an extreme universe, they grew up in this extreme, superantural universe that parallels to our early 80’s, it’s impossible, imo, to judge it with the lenses of our universe, in 2015, with the knowledge we have on emotional abuse. we need to make adjustmens. 

2. they live in a world in which you can cheat death, this makes everything complicated. 

3. they are early 80’s boys. who grew up without a family and a role model to show them how to fight and how to make up. .and I think it’s important to understand this. 

I’ll quote honeysweetsam here, and I highly suggest reading her post because I couldn’t have worded it better. 

We’re talking about fictional characters that were written by a man who didn’t grow up in the ‘everyone gets a cookie’ world. Who didn’t grow up on tumblr and youtube and watching his pronouns. Sam and Dean were written by a man who grew up in the late 70’s and 80’ when parents still beat their kids and did not go to jail, when sibling issues were decided with fists, he grew up during the two decades when some of the largest percentages of married women with children entered the workforce. He was born right after one of the largest cultural shifts in this country, during the time when the term ‘latchkey kids’ was common. Eric Kripke created Sam and Dean out of the world he knew, that actually existed. Complaining that he didn’t write them to today’s standards is a bit ridiculous; Sam and Dean didn’t grow up in the world you or I know, and neither one of them has exactly had the time to sit on tumblr for two years and get educated in the finer points of emotional abuse. At least Sam, during the time he’s spent in Stanford, has likely sat through a few psych classes. He might be familiar with the dysfunction of their relationship and how the way they treat each other is damaging, but Dean did not get that benefit. If you’ll remember, Dean has spent those four years that Sam was away in the same environment he’s known his entire life. Attached to a man who has had quite a few unaddressed emotional issues himself.

Now, I think some of the things Dean has done can be called abusive. but this isn’t who he is, and it was never out of intention to hurt Sam. 

If after reading Nishka’s post you have questions, my inbox is open. 

Hope you’re having a great day! 

Awkward Prom Pic, go!

So, I was originally going to compare hands with Jared palm-to-palm to salt agelade because I’m a truly terrible person. But - and this is the first time I made this mistake that comes back and haunts me later - I looked into Jared’s eyes and forgot everything. All I could remember was something about hands so asked him to hold my hands from behind.

As you can see, this is the day I straightened my hair (or had someone else do it) to try to dress as Ruby 1.0. The stuff on my shirt? Left-over boa fluff from the J2 pic.

(Yes, I was also a huge dork and while I had it in photo-shop turned his eyes yellow and mine black for BoyKing and Ruby. Because huge dork. Shh. Let me know if you wanna see that too and I’ll post my dork to share with you)

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Honestly I just don't see any "love" from Cas to Dean or vice versa, probably because I don't even treat family members who had abused me for years the way those two treat eachother. I host SPN watch parties and 100% of my group don't see any genuine friendship between Dean & Cas other than occasional brother in arms and even that's stretching it (we have retired military members) *shrug* sorry I guess I'm ranting because I can't fathom where people even see Destiel other than fanfictions.

Hi Nonny! 

I get what you’re saying, but for those exact reasons they decided to have it addressed on the text in the show. 

In 9x23, Metatron said to Cas: 

and for what again? Oh, that’s right — to save Dean Winchester. That was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of heaven, but ultimately, it was all about saving one human, right?

Which was textually stating that Cas loves Dean (I read it as kindred spirits, other read romantically or however they choose) 

And In 10x07 Dean is saying to Cole: 

The people who love me, they pulled me back from the edge

Is basically Dean admits he knows Cas loves him. 

Now, I understand that if we compare this to our world, we can see what you’re saying. 

But thing in supernaturalare always extaggerated, not only because it’s a tv show, but also becuase of the universe they are in, you know? thedilemas they are facing are much more violent and life endangering, not to mention can cause apocalypse or some awful crap, the need they are facing is usually to save the world or to save their lives, so I find it hard to compare. here, and in the brothers relationship. It’s complicated judging their world in the lenses of our world. so we need to adjust it a little. 

Yes, their friendship wasn’t always good, not at all. for me, they started being friends in the end of s7, but mostly in purgatory. still, it isn’t perfect, and the crypt scene in s8 was horrible, but also, in the real world, you don’t have friends who literally under mind control to kill you. so it’s different. 

I hope you got what I was trying to say, if not- my inbox is open. 

The Sam-mich!

I literally came up to them and after saying “HI!” and flailing my arms in a semblance of a wave, they moved and let me in between them. I made the mistake of looking into Jared’s eyes again and said, “I’m happy with the squish.” He was like, “The Squish?” And I think I elaborated to him and Colin, but I honestly don’t remember. But they knew what was going on. It wasn’t a super squish, but that’s okay. I just now noticed how my body was angled.

I didn’t realize my hand was so close to Jared’s hair, but his hand was all in mine.

Since I was dressed as (Goodbye Stranger) Meg that day, I had to have a fun pose! The best torturers never get their hands dirty, after all!

I told them all my pose idea and Mark Sheppard told me, in no uncertain terms, “I get on my knees for no one.” I asked Sebastian if he would mind and he popped on down.  I asked Mark P. if he would look proud of me (/Meg). Haha.

Fun note: I was not prepared for how intense Mark Pellegrino is. It’s not a bad intense, though - more comforting? It’s hard to describe the emotions. I was also not prepared for his hug to be so comforting. I don’t generally like to be touched or really hug/cuddle/etc for long, but I walked away really just wanting to have stayed in his hug for forever. WTF.

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1, 2, and 5 please :D

1. Take a picture of your workspace.

I also have a to do list in the form of sheets of paper under my tablet.

2. Show your pencilcase and what’s inside.

I have 2 favorite "pencil" cases.

The following is my “school pencil case”:

mostly erasable highlighters and mechanical pencils and post-it notes and sharpies.

The following is my Manga Class pencil case:

When I studied abroad in Japan i had the privilege of taking a Manga Class and these are the art tools we used in class. (They didn’t come with the class, I had to pay for them and what you see here adds up to about 100 US dollars including the manga paper that you don’t see here. ) 

5. Who/what inspires you?


modmad's work and life.

rebornica is also realllly awesome. their Artman is quite inspiring. and motivating. 

and my lovely lovely TPoH friends! with their fun and fanfictions and lovelyness! to name a few: rusharound, sailorcipher, tie-dye-flag (HAHA but no seriously. i mean it! you hear me reading your stuff. lol <3)

oh and anyone who sends me an ask or something in my inbox. that’s quite motivating! srsly! <3 ily