1.4.1- One Mother Meets Another Mother (Hapgood)

At this word she bestowed on her daughter a passionate kiss, which woke her. The child opened her eyes, great blue eyes like her mother’s, and looked at—what? Nothing; with that serious and sometimes severe air of little children, which is a mystery of their luminous innocence in the presence of our twilight of virtue. One would say that they feel themselves to be angels, and that they know us to be men. Then the child began to laugh; and although the mother held fast to her, she slipped to the ground with the unconquerable energy of a little being which wished to run. All at once she caught sight of the two others in the swing, stopped short, and put out her tongue, in sign of admiration.

Mother Thenardier released her daughters, made them descend from the swing, and said:—

"Now amuse yourselves, all three of you."

Children become acquainted quickly at that age, and at the expiration of a minute the little Thenardiers were playing with the new-comer at making holes in the ground, which was an immense pleasure.

The new-comer was very gay; the goodness of the mother is written in the gayety of the child; she had seized a scrap of wood which served her for a shovel, and energetically dug a cavity big enough for a fly. The grave-digger’s business becomes a subject for laughter when performed by a child.

The two women pursued their chat.

"What is your little one’s name?"


For Cosette, read Euphrasie. The child’s name was Euphrasie. But out of Euphrasie the mother had made Cosette by that sweet and graceful instinct of mothers and of the populace which changes Josepha into Pepita, and Francoise into Sillette. It is a sort of derivative which disarranges and disconcerts the whole science of etymologists. We have known a grandmother who succeeded in turning Theodore into Gnon.

"How old is she?"

"She is going on three."

"That is the age of my eldest."

In the meantime, the three little girls were grouped in an attitude of profound anxiety and blissfulness; an event had happened; a big worm had emerged from the ground, and they were afraid; and they were in ecstasies over it.

Their radiant brows touched each other; one would have said that there were three heads in one aureole.

"How easily children get acquainted at once!" exclaimed Mother Thenardier; "one would swear that they were three sisters!"

French text and the whys of this passage under the cut! Which is mainly me freaking out completely about victims of an abusive system continuing its work, and, you know, cycles of oppression and all, because this is a FUN WACKY NOVEL.

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I have nothing to contribute today aside from squeaking and flapping my arms over tiny adorable children and ladies being friends — with a side of You stay away from those kids, man, or else — so here is a really perfect illustration of the aforementioned ladies and babies.  With text included because “René-Jean’s got a girlfriend!” is the most time transcending sort of teasing and it is adorable, and everything is adorable and I love Houzarde and I love Michelle and I want them to be happy, is that too much to ask. 

Brick!Club 1.4.1: One Mother Meets Another

Hey hey, Brick!Club, I’m a day behind, as usual, but seeing as 1.4.2 doesn’t have a whole lot to say, I’m not too concerned about it.

So I actually think this chapter is pretty fantastic? I mean, heartbreaking and not without it’s problematic moments (because, Hugo), but there is a lot I like here. I’m a big fan of the long, dramatic description of the cart and chain, and I love the way Hugo sets up exactly how we’re supposed to feel about Madame Thenardier with this line:

A mother had caught sight of that frightful chain, and had said, “Come! There’s a plaything for my children.”

Even though Madame Thenardier is painted in an (arguably) more sympathetic light in this chapter than, probably, ever again in the book, this line right here tells us everything we need to know. She loves her children “with that animal and celestial expression which is peculiar to maternity” (which, what even, Hugo?), but Hugo does make the distinction that even though there are some things all mothers share, those things do not automatically make you a good mother. 

And oh, the description of Eponine and Azelma, hold me, Brick!club. It hurts because you can see how happy they could’ve been, in the right circumstances. This little glimpse of the three children playing together, you can see how easily things could’ve been different, how Cosette and Eponine could’ve grown up being friends (without the Thenardier’s influence), how Eponine could’ve been spared a lifetime of isolation and Cosette a childhood full of hurt. 

(Also, good to see that Hugo is still obsessed with teeth.)

This is particularly heartbreaking to me, as well:

Fantine had immediately lost sight of Favourite, Zephine, and Dahlia; the bond once broken on the side of the men, it was loosed between the women; they would have been greatly astonished had anyone told them a fortnight later, that they had been friends; there no longer existed any reason for such thing.

Which, I’m not quite sure whether or not to read that as “none of the girls are friends anymore” or “Fantine is no longer friends with Favourite, Zephine, and Dahlia.” The line after this (“Fantine had been left alone”) makes me think that Favourite and Zephine and Dahlia had only been friends with Fantine because of the men, but remained friends with each other after the men had gone. I like that reading because, otherwise, it seems as if Hugo is saying “none of the ladies are friends because there are no men around to make them friends,” which, no Hugo, no. Stahp.

So Fantine tells Madame Thenardier that her husband has died. Has there been any speculation on why Fantine does not just tell her employers the same, rather than leaving Cosette behind? There has to be another excuse besides “People are ridiculous in the country,” right?

And how on earth did Fantine not get some major warning signals by Thenardier pretty much popping his head around the corner and yelling out sums of money, when he had been basically non-existent during the rest of the conversation? It speaks to her absolute desperation, I guess, but it also makes Fantine seem ridiculously naive. Perhaps if we had seen a bit of Fantine’s desperation before her arrival at the inn (or cookhouse, as Hapgood calls it), it wouldn’t seem so pronounced? Although, I can’t remember if we get any chapters detailing Fantine’s search for work with Cosette in tow?

Also, FAREWELL FOREVER M. FELIX THOLOMYES. You’re tacky and I hate you.

Working on Sparrow 1.4.1

Dear Sparrowers,

We’re currently working on Sparrow 1.4.1 focusing on the issues you reported:

  • Growl support
  • iCloud Support
  • Mail ordering
  • Quick reply all 
  • Encoding issue 
  • Quick Look in full screen mode
  • Various crashes

The recently released version of Growl does not work with Sparrow 1.4 but it will in Sparrow 1.4.1.

iCloud will also be supported in Sparrow 1.4.1 but know that you can still connect your account by following those steps in the current version.

Some of you have been experiencing connection issue related to Gmail’s 2-step authentication, make sure you have generated the specific password required for third party apps like Sparrow.

Sparrow 1.4.1 will be posted to the Mac AppStore in a few days.

Brick!Club Les Miserables Bk. 1 Vol. 4 TO TRUST IS SOMETIMES TO SURRENDER Ch.1 One Mother Meets Another


Fantine you poor darling, when you ask someone to watch your KID their first response should never ever be to start talking PRICES. There’s questions of age, and personality, and oh I am crying for Fantine again because she is so very alone in the world and it is so clear, she’s had no one to teach her to interpret other people and that innocence of her is based on isolation not choice and just OH NO it will ruin her to the end and it’s not her fault and she’ll never even understand what’s happening because she has no one to help her untangle this and she’s completely what she seems and FANTINE NOOOO I can’t take this today not today.

…In less grief-inducing terms, well, geez, Hugo. I respect that us large gals ain’t your kink, but GEEZ. Also, dude, don’t harsh on other genres. You just said a toddler made you want to eat her cheeks.

But I’m forgiving Hugo a lot here because we’re back in the realm of physical descriptions and I love those so much. The cart is a wonderful horrible thing, and I would have loved to play  on it when I was a kid (of course I’m all Titanish and scary, so hey! it would appeal to my brutish nature. Ok maybe I’m not entirely forgiving the size-hate). And the kids are breaking my heart too, Eponine and Azlema even more than Cosette, because they’re so doomed; Cosette’s already had years more of a happy childhood than they will ever, because even if they’re spoiled and petted in the future there’s no real sense of security on any level with parents like the Thenardiers and I CANNOT HANDLE THIS CHAPTER TODAY, Brick!club I turn to your wits to find something beyond CRUSHING DESPAIR here.

1.4.1 Pre-Release

• Fixed mobs glitching through wooden floors
• Fixed players glitching through Beacons
• Fixed Redstone Repeaters getting stuck in ‘on’ state
• Bats spawn less frequently
• A number of minor font fixes
• Activated the Wither painting
• Fixed wet wolves looking way too scary
• Tweaked naming costs in the Anvil
• Tweaked enchantment points reward for smelting
• Fixed bug that allowed any item to be placed in the armor slots
• Fixed mob spawners spawning too quickly

"Since we do these pre-releases mainly to prepare modders and server admins (and not to find and fix bugs), we’ve decided to push the release of 1.4(.1) one day to Thursday, October 25. Again, since I know this is a lot of text to read:" - Mojang

Release date: Thursday October 25


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