Patch 1.1.2 is imminent

I don’t care if they take the servers down for a whole day and I don’t care if we can’t log in until 6pm GMT; we get less shit pvp bags! Hooray!

Oh wait, it’s still RNG to get tokens from bags? :

Meeting 1.1.2: Canadian Economic History and Political Economy


Below find the abstract and readings for our next meeting, which will take place Thursday, October 18 at 8:30 at Jane Manners’s home (email me for directions).  These exciting readings were compiled by visiting grad student Mark Sholdice, from the University of Guelph. See if you can catch the authentic Canadian spellings…

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, look for a synopsis of the discussion here to follow. 


For some time, studies of political economy have formed a major part of Canadian historiography.  In the 1930s, pioneering economists like W.A. Mackintosh and Harold Innis developed the “Staples Thesis” to explain the country’s unique economic, political, and social development.  The key export staples (fish, fur, and timber) were seen to have provided the basis for the relatively strong Canadian state and even to have been the basis for Canadian identity itself.  The Staples Thesis was further revised by J.M.S. Careless in the 1950s, who posited, with his  “Metropolitan Thesis”, that metropolitan centres

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You know that feeling of happy nostalgia you get when you find a possession you never even knew you kept and it’s been hidden away for so many years? 

We didn’t get that feeling when we found these snow blocks from back when we faced the Frost Legion. Instead, we argued for 5 minutes over how this snow ended up floating, and more importantly who missed this spot while cleaning up :L


The amount of statues we were finding was getting ridiculous, but Patrick still kept making extra floors to store more of them… Why not just make the rows longer? :L

Anyway, I then managed to fail completely, accidentally (or was it? ;D) throwing a sticky bomb in the newly made room, and then dying after Patrick raged at me and made me drop down to pick up the broken pieces. Maybe it was karma…


Patrick and I decided to go exploring together again, since we really have nothing better to do. Patrick went ahead to the Corruption island, because we haven’t actually explored that yet. Screenshots of that will be coming tomorrow ;D

We found a trapped bunny and then we killed our first Pinky :P we’re rich and we feel profound shame for not helping the bunny.

If “profound shame” made you think of S:S&S EP then we should be cosmic friends forever!