so for those who don’t know, my boy friend is a chef, and i’m very into all forms of art. so what happens? we make cakes and desserts, and let me tell you, his stuff is amazing =) no wonder i cant ever lose weight lol Anywho, here’s a Dr. Seuss cake we made for a little girls first birthday =) i did the characters free hand. my hand was shaking like crazy lol you can go check out my boy friend at http://pastrypunk.tumblr.com/

  • Aries:You tryna butt heads with the ram?
  • Taurus:Are you sure you wanna f*ck with bull?
  • Gemini:Do you seriously wanna mess with their second personality?
  • Cancer:Are you Tryna get pinched by the crab??
  • Libra:*punch you so hard, your balance gets f*cked up*
  • Scorpio:Do you wanna experience the sting of the Scorpio?
  • Sagittarius:do not mess with horseman
  • Capricorn:Do you really wanna mess with these independent and serious bitchachos
  • Aquarius:They will flood you with sassiness
  • Pisces:1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish

So the mini cycle has finally been done for a couple weeks so i think I’m gonna go get some more cories to up my population tomorrow. I also would like to get an assasin snail cause the possible snail population i thought i may have introduced with plants is now flourishing, which i don’t want it to be. I have so many… grrrrr. :P

I finally planted my fish tank!!! I used (from left to right) Red Bacopa, Red Rubin Sword (I am aware this will get HUGE), Java Fern, Anubias (in the piece of bogwood), Italian Vallisneria, and a little more Java Fern. I also have some duckweed that the fish store through in floating around.

Hopefully all the plants will take and grow in nicely! Unfortunately I’ve also introduced some pest snails into my tank so I’m going to get an assassin snail or two. Hopefully I can get my first couple fish tomorrow!!!

Describe your otp badly

So I saw a post about this and decided to make a few for my otps.

1. fish lover loves a fish // Rinharu

2. Orange meets blueberry // Kagehina

3. I will hit (on) you // Iwaoi

4. The only one who can love me is me vs. I can be you // Aokise


Well, I haven’t bought any fish (still, I am aware this is getting ridiculous) yet. I haven’t actually seen any snails recently, but I know they can’t be gone and I haven’t looked that carefully.

All of my plants have suddenly started doing particularly well, which makes me really happy. Well, all but the anubias which is still slowly wilting. I don’t remember if I talked about why so I’ll check and then post my next actual post about that.