Pretty Little Liars

they don’t always tell us who ‘A’ is, but when they do, they don’t!! 


i got nominated by my familiar arielthesingingtrashcan for the 5 favorite photos of myself thing! first time being nominated wowwowow
(do i look cool. i feel cool.)

errr….don’t really know who to nominated tho ????
how about bootybunches, misslillith, and 1-2-3-4-getthefuckawayfromme !!

verit asked:

i went so far into the tag that i found your reblog of OYS. you know. the point at which I decided to follow you

I REMEMBER god bless that fic god bless you for sending a message about my comments in the tags <3


<the history is in our DNA>
<nothing is true everything is permitted>
<my heroes>
<pictures made by me>