Okay so this is my first follow forever i just felt the need to make one to thank all of your beautiful blogs for making my dash amazing, you’re all funny, gorgeous and sometimes annoying but still cool, i secretly wish i was friends with all of you but im so lame. Also i want to thank all my followers i never though i would have more than 10 ever but oh well anyways here’s my follow forever and know that i love you and your blog a lot. [i dont need to bold faves bc if im following you youre already my fave] this is long af bc i follow 200 blogs

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my previous url was heratbreaker.

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Age: 15
Gender: female
Self Photo: (im sorry)

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Faves
Food: don’t do this to me
Drink: vanilla milkshake
Book: the harry potters
Movie: school of rock
TV Shows: drake and josh, sherlock, catfish
Band(s): so many but the main ones are 5sos, atl, green day, the cab, sws, paramore,blink 182, hot chelle rae and ymas
Place: honestly its probably my room tbh
School subject: graphics
Actor/Actress: tom hanks/ emma watson
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Life
Siblings: older brother
Dream job: to be in a band but i have no musical talent so idk what im gonna do
Fears: being alone forever
Religion: technically catholic but i dont believe that shit
Tattoos: nah
Piercings: hahahaha i wish
Languages: english and a bit of german
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ Tumblr
Reason behind url: luke hemmings (heck yes)
Why you joined: idek man
First url: teachtheworldtodougie (oh god)
# of blogs: nah

You know that thing that’s killing you,
It’s not going to be between your teeth It’s trapped in your head ,
it’s slowly kills you everyday,
What do you do you let it win
Your losing the battle and trapped in the war
No hope is left and now your lost

It’s not a metaphor ..
It’s reality

—  Credit : Me ( 0ur-Her0es-With0ut-capes)
This is my first ever quote I’ve written I got inspired by John green


im so happy to say that i have finally hit 1K  so to celebrate im going to attempt a follow forever! i will most likely screw this up and forget a lot of people so if i do im very sorry and know that i love and appreciate you! so here goes nothing also im not going to do that my faves are bolded thing bc i love you all:)


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Jesse walked down the hallway, looking for his usual victim. He spotted him by the science lab. He grinned, pushing him against a locker. “Hey loser,” he chuckled. Now Jesse didnt do this because he hated the kid. On the contrary, he had a major crush on him. But people couldnt know that, so he acted like he hated him.

Period - A Luke Hemmings one shot

Curling up in my bed, I let out a loud, pained groan as I dug my fingers into the mattress. Yes, it was that time of the month; mother nature had struck again. Screaming out a loud “Fuck!”, I felt the tears stinging in my eyes. It was unfair that I had this horrible stomach ache once a month, whilst some of my girl friends didn’t feel a thing. At times like these, I hated being a girl. To me, having to cope with this incredibly disgusting feeling once a month and the fact that my gender was the one that had to actually carry the baby an then squeeze it out, was pure, shameless sexism. This just proved again that God definitely was a man.

My mum had called the school this morning and told them that I was sick; the throbbing pain in my lower back, stomach and abdomen preventing me from even getting a second’s rest the night before. Partially, I was relieved that I didn’t have to go to school and write that damn maths-test, but that relief was instantly washed away by the increasing need to throw up. No, I told myself, fuck off.

I heard my phone vibrate bedside me, but the painkiller I’d taken half an hour earlier seemed to be kicking in as I felt strengthless and tired. Telling myself I’d look at it later, I drew the duvet higher until it covered me from head to toe. 

I took deep and steady breaths; chuckling to myself as I felt like I was about to give birth. The pain definitely couldn’t be much worse than the one I was experiencing at this moment, however. I closed my eyes, trying to think of happier, better things.

And instantly, the image of my flawless boyfriend, Luke, surfaced in my brain.
His soft, blonde hair. His bright blue eyes that burned a hole right into my soul. His incomparable laughter that still echoed through my head a week after hearing it. His chirpy, caring and genuine character. His ability to make me believe there was nothing bad left in the world by doing so much as kissing me.

The way my skin burned and tingled whenever he touched it. The way he made me laugh like nobody else could. The way he managed to satisfy me better than few had before. The way my family loved him. 

To me, he was pretty much perfect; even though I was fully aware that he wasn’t. Which made him perfect again.

Without  me even realising it, sleep kicked in and overtook me. My body finally relaxed and the pain from before vanished; the power of medication these days. 


On the other side of town, Luke was sat at school, almost falling asleep at the boring sound of his biology teacher’s voice. He kept checking his phone, seeing if (Y/N) had finally texted him back. He was starting to get worried; why hadn’t she come to school today? She’d been all moody and bitchy to him yesterday, which worried him even more; was she avoiding him? Was she going to be breaking up with him?

Nibbling the inside of his cheek, Luke only knew one left way to find out what was going on: texting (Y/N)‘s mum. Hiding the phone next to his thigh, he started typing.

“Hey Mrs.(Y/L/N), it’s Luke! I was just wondering if there was something going on with (Y/N)? She’s not been answering my texts - I’m getting worried here! x”

He hoped and prayed that nothing had happened; and that everything between them was going to be fine. Even though they were both still in their teens, Luke was pretty sure (Y/N) was the girl he would marry one day. He had this feeling in his gut whenever he even just thought about her. He couldn’t help but grin feverishly as he thought of her childish laughter and the way she screwed her face up when she laughed; every gesture fascinating him.

The vibrating of his phone warped him back to reality, though.

Mrs (Y/L/N) - “Dear, she’s in bed at home - her period’s kicked in again! Don’t you worry, she’ll be fine! x”

Of course it had! That’s why she’d been so off with him yesterday and even a few days before - why hadn’t he realised it before? (Y/N) was always a bitch at that time of the month; but he sure as hell loved her for it. Even though her mum told her not to worry, he still did; he loved her for god’s sake, of course he did. Luke couldn’t deal with the thought of his baby lying in bed, crying because of pain whilst he was sat here dying because of boredom. He knew exactly what to do.


It was a gnashing sound that awoke me from my slumber; I gulped a few times to get rid of the dryness in my throat, before I blinked a few times. I had no intention to move at all, the position I was in seemingly perfect for me right now. Only tilting my head, my eyes widened when I saw someone sitting at my desk; growing even wider as I realised who it was. “What are you doing here!”, I wanted to exclaim, even though it came out far quieter than I intended it to. Sitting up straight, I immediately regretted it; the power of the pill I’d taken earlier had subsided after my few hours of sleep. Grunting, I clutched my stomach again; Luke rushing over to sit beside me. 

His expression was of pure worry and concern as he placed his hand on top of mine that was now desperately trying to sooth the pain that was boiling inside. He looked up at me with a hurt expression; which changed into an amused one, followed by a chuckle in a matter of seconds. “Wh-what are you laughing at?” Luke couldn’t help but chuckle along as he saw me giggle in front of him; my nose sniffing in the way he loved it. 
“It looks like I’m pregnant!”, I continued cackling and looking down at our hands, Luke noticed that it really had looked like that. Once my laughter had calmed down, the pained expression returned; exhaustion written all over my face.

”How you feeling?”, Luke asked as he placed a tender kiss on my forehead. “Been better.” Yawning, I rubbed my eyes. “So tell me, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be in school?” Raising an eyebrow, I looked at him sternly, yet amused; his familiar grin arising on his face as he shrugged a shoulder. “Luke Hemmings, are you skipping school? For me?”, I asked; his smirk falling into a loving smile as he nodded. I felt the heat rise in my face, causing my cheeks to get a shade of pink. “You didn’t have to.” Whispering, I leant my head against Luke’s muscular chest; his sweet scent flowing up my nostrils, making me smile subconsciously. “But I wanted to.”

Glancing up at him, I leant forward and placed a single, soft kiss on his fruity red lips. “Thanks.” My breath hit his face and immediately I pulled away, “Sorry, morning breath.” Giggling lightly, he shook his head and leant forward, placing a longer kiss on my lips. “You hungry?”, he asked as he wrapped his arms around me; leaving his hands linger on my lower back and rubbing soothing circles. Sighing at the soothing feeling of having his strong arms wrapped around me, I shrugged; “Not really.”
”But how about some tea?”, he continued, kissing the crown of my head. “Okay.”

”Alright, you lie down and I’ll be back up in a sec.”, Luke said, before letting go. I did as he asked and lay back down; exhaling sharply as I did so. Pulling the duvet up to my chest, Luke just had to have one more kiss before he could leave. Placing his lips on mine once again, he gave me a quick wink, before hurrying downstairs.

I tried my hardest not to swoon right then and there; how in the hell had I managed to get someone as amazing as Luke? Any other boyfriend would maybe do so much as text me saying they were sorry, but not Luke; he pulled out the knight in shining armour. I wasn’t going to lie though, I was thoroughly enjoying this side of him. Snuggling back into the cushions, I just couldn’t swipe the smile off my face, even if I wanted to; which I didn’t.
Glancing to my front, I only just now noticed Luke’s jumper lying by my feet. Grabbing it, I quickly pulled it on; the warmth of his body and his beautiful scent still lingering in the fabric. Sighing contentedly, I rested back into the pillows. 

Luke appeared back in my room after a few minutes, a huge mug in one hand, a plate with some cookies in the other. “Here you go, (Y/N).”, he sang happily, retaking his seat next to me. I could’ve screamed at how sweet he was being to me; I didn’t deserve him.
“I’m not hungry, I’ll take the mug, though.”, I joked, Luke handing me the mug slowly after he’d blown on it a bit. I sat up and rested against the headboard of my bed as I took small sips of the tea; Luke’s hands caressing my abdomen lovingly. 

Once I had finished my tea, I decided to get some more sleep. The pain had subsided a bit at the hotness of the tea and Luke’s soothing movements, but I still felt exhausted. Shuffling back down under the covers, I didn’t even need to ask, before Luke wrapped his arm around me from behind. His hot breath hit the top of my head and his fingers continued with the circles he’d rubbed earlier on. Placing my hand on his, I couldn’t help but feel sad; but it was a good sad. A sad that came from feeling so good, that all of a sudden I had to be sad at the thought of never feeling like this again. Even though I was experiencing the worst period-pains ever, I still felt happy. Secure. Loved. And it was all thanks to Luke.

“Thanks for taking care of me.”, I murmured as my tiredness kicked it. “For you, anything.”

(sorry for the bad edit lol) but ayyyy lmao hows it hangin everybody? so i did a follow forever a while ago, but im kinda sad i didnt do any really personal messages for some of ya’ll so i decided to do another !!! im gonna try to keep this short and sweet sooo here we go!
♡ mikey-is-a-god omg okay so we literally have only talked once but i love you okay you’re super sweet and nice and wISE and you give hella advice and i srsly cannot wait to talk with you more :))
♡ pxnkband KARA YOU ARE BAE srsly like we dont even really talk but ur still one of my faves bc you always help me out with like my botm stuff and you’re super duper sweet and hOT OMG and yeah ily xx
♡ hiorheyrecrd inbar im not lame ur lame okay but real talk i really like talking to you bc you’re hella funny and nice and cUte and you’re just one of my favorite people to talk to tbh :))
♡ chingchongcal PRINCESS LMAO i love talking to you loads bc you always make me laugh tbh and you’re just all around a really rad person and ily x
♡ skateboarderlucas okay rachel you were seriously like my first legit tumblr friend and omg you’re so hot and wayyy too cool for me but we havent talked in awhile bc of time difference which makes me :(((

i really wish i could give you all cute lil messages but i dont wanna be a bother so i will just tag the rest of my favorite mutuals :)

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and on an ending note i really love all of my mutuals and i wouldve added you all but i wanted to do a shorter one so it would be more special :) also did these off of the top of my head and im really dumb so if i forgot you im so sorry ily xx

anonymous said:

who are your friends / fav blogs on here?

ok here we go, in no particular order, here are the people I am hopefully friends with

J // 0ur-her0es-with0ut-capes | Rebekah // givemelovelikeluke | langille // feelingcashton | Michelle // pantlesslucas | Sana // buttwards| Anyssa // justalittleobsession-tw | Rose (queen) // 5secondsofteasing | Emma // educashton | Katja // kickassclifford | Bec // vodkairwins

And 5 of the many blogs I admire from afar

jesusirwin // hesthebaessist // platonicpenetration // hemmobooboo // 420irwn

yer they’re all cool and you should check out their blogs nd stuff


Hello everyone :)
I am glad and flattered I received so many requests for my network but unluckily I only picked eleven people as I planned. Here’s the nice people I chose:

Bianca (hrrypyne)
Becca (punkrockbutnot)
Lauren (invisible-in-a-sea-of-people)
Sarah (clemminqsau)
Elisa (colours-that-dont-seem-to-fade)
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Brooke (brrt99)
Shironaia: (lukesxbandtees)
Brynn: (lukehemmango)
Joana: (5secondsofgray)
Lina: (cakecrush)

please, as soon as you see this, inbox me your iMessage and Viber accs and if you still don’t have it, it would be lovely if you got one x

This post is on queue, I’ll be back from holidays in a few hours so I’ll follow you all and create the chats.

I bet none of you know who I am and you have the right to (I guess?) as I know so much about you all. For this reason, I have an ‘about the blogger’ post. Have fun :)