I’m gonna stay single for a year or two,
says the girl who wants to be taken.
I don’t care at all anymore,
says the girl who watches the guy she loves pass by seemingly unshaken.
He can flirt with anyone,
says the girl who secretly watches in a jealous rage.
I’ll easily move on,
Says the girl who’s liked him since a young age.
I’m going to stay strong,
Says the girl who’s got hurt so many times.
I’ve given up on love,
Says the girl who’s resorted in writing in rhymes.

I wish I could meet a decent guy,
Wishes the girl who’s turned her back on love.

—  0nlybeingme.tumblr
Annoying things straight from the mind of a 17 year old girl
  • People who eat with their mouths open, really loudly; no one wants to hear that
  • People who have to be the centre of attention, especially in situations that don’t concern them
  • People who ask 50 million questions  a day about things that aren’t important
  • The fact teenagers are encouraged to provide for themselves, yet the majority of jobs are only available for 18 years old and above
  • The fact that at this age we are expected to choose what we want to do for the rest of their lives, yet some of us can barely decide what to wear on a daily basis
  • The fact that my college is telling us girls to stop wearing vest tops because they are “promiscuous and distracting”
  • People who assume you have a perfect life, with a perfect past and a perfect future ahead of you. Open your eyes people only show you what they want you to see, how do you know what people are hiding.
  • People who think it’s okay to go around making other people feel bad for no reason. Stop. Its wrong.
  • The fact that some people feel the need to tell people how they should look and what is considered a normal appearance
  • Or the fact people seem to think its okay to judge other peoples relationships, if someone is happy you leave them alone.
  • People who only help others to get attention or rewards


Stay strong

You may think you’re alone

but in theory you’re not.

The world may seem big and scary

but you are valued.

Be who you are,

never change for anyone.

Don’t let anyone drag you down

smile when you are low.

This might seem hard

but you are so so strong

as long as you believe in yourself.

My favourite picture of demi. Taken after rehab at thanks giving, this day tested her strength and she was strong. Once she was broken, then she was unbroken and now she is a warrior. She is my inspiration and I love her so so much. 1992- till now, and she is stronger then ever. What a journey you’ve been on. So much more to live for. Keep staying strong never give up. Love you Demetria Devonne Lovato <3 xxxxxxx

At some point in our life’s we will do something we said we’d never do. Something we’ve judged others for doing. But that’s just part of growing up. These things shape us, they make us who we are. And although others will judge us as we judged them, if you aren’t harming anyone else and you are having fun. Then who the hell cares. It’s your life and you should do what you want with it.
—  Anon

Looking back, this year hasn’t been altogether great. I’ve lost people I imagined with be there for life. I’ve been used, lead on, lied too and I’ve had to face things I never thought I would. Things no one would think to happen. And some of those things I’m still going through but they are slowly getting better. I mean my anxiety is low with all the panic attacks but it doesn’t make me any less of a person. And despite how shit this year has been I’ve also learnt and achieved a lot. I’ve learned to love and trust someone again. I’ve learnt how to deal with things. I’ve choreographed my own show, won awards, got a job, got offers and auditions to uni. As well as other things. And these are all major things I never believed would happen. And then there’s the little things like being able to answer the phone to unknown numbers, making friends, ordering at restaurants, little things that although they can be difficult they are manageable. So yes I will be happy when this year is over but I won’t regret this year.

Silent Beauty

Not a single noise was heard
Except the ticking of a clock
And the chirping of a bird.
Her mind was full on riddles
Issues to be solved
Day to day her a few thoughts
Seemed to revolve
Around the idea of perfection
What ever that may be
Forgetting that real beauty
Is something you cannot see
For the truth behind beauty lies
Deep within the soul
By cherishing the beauty
Your image will sure be whole.


I don't care who the person is, what kinda blog there's is but i will stick up for anyone who i see getting hate on tumblr. It is sooo WRONG, it can hurt people way more then you imagine, just STOP. if anyone needs advice or is getting hate message me, my ask is always open.<3

Right that;s it no more moping around its time to seize the day. A year is like a book with 365 pages. So Imagine reading a book that was repetitive, with no story, no events, no risks, nothing. It would be boring.

Well life is the same, if we never took risks then we’d never have stories to tell. If we never take opportunities, if we never fail, then we’ll never learn.

So take control of your life and write your story, make your story the most interesting, thrilling, funny, captivating story you’ve ever read. Do something to make this year the best year yet.

Or just sit back and watch your story progress until you reach the end. But remember once you’ve read a book you can’t change the story, you can try but you wont succeed.

The choice is yours.

30 day challenge

Day 4: meaning behind tumblr name


Because all I’m going to do is be myself, I’m not going to pretend to be someone I’m not and if people don’t like that they can stay out my life because I’m not changing for anyone.

30 Day challenge with Omgitscaitlin.tumblr.com (might do more then one a day,)

Day one: Write some basic facts about yourself

  • I am going to be sixteen in may, buzzing :D
  • I love to dance, dancing is my life, i do tap, jazz, contemporary and ballet. But i like watching all kinds of dance,
  • My two bestfriends are Omgitscaitlin and Connieandproud
  • i like someone
  • I want to go into some kind of teaching when im older, such as primary, special needs (SEN) or a dance teacher. I just want to be able to help people.
  • I’m always happy to give advice and my ask box is always open
  • Im really small xD
  • i want to be a munchkin ;)
  • Im writing two stories at the moment, both romance.
  • People try and tell me how i act when they don’t even annoy me.
  • I get annoyed a lot but for good reason.
  • I hate people who think they can say what they like to people without thinking about their feelings.
  • I hate it when people eat with their mouths open

Thats about it, i dont know what else to say ;)