latenight-kiss said:

Tag! You're it! The rules are to state 10 random facts about yourself. Then, go to ten blogs and tell them that they are it

oh…. ok

1. i wanna live in nyc once i graduate college

2. i need to loose 7.3 lbs in 10 days :(

3. i think tall guys are sexy

4. im getting 4 maybe 5 tattoos

5. i turn 17 in 42 days

6. my cars name is Bernie

7. i make $7.25 + mad tips so on average i make about $20+ an hour ;)

8. i was supposed to be born august 15th but i was exactly 2 weeks late

9. i hate when guys give mixed signals but its basically the story of my life.

10. i really dont feel like sending this to 10 people so im not gonna :)))