♡Beastly♡ Jesy and Eli

Jesy  sat in  front the bad tempered man who just saved her life, trying to help him the best she could. She did not like this man, not at all he was rude and hostile and she didn’t want to be around him but it wasn’t like she had a choice. She sold her life to him to save her father and it was better her than him in her opinion. Looking down at the large gash in his arm she sighed squeezing out the wash cloth that was soaked now in warm water and disinfectant. “This might sting a little..” She whispered dabbing the cut gently, before pushing her hair out of her face with her free hand. 


A PLAGUE of black eyed child ghosts have been spotted in Britain and across the world - sparking fears of a spook invasion.

Got a case for the Winchesters in Britain.

And if Sherlock, Merlin and the Doctor want to join them I don’t see myself raising any objections…