[090502] Donghae Cyworld Update

..My Hyung.. Leeteuk..^^


..It has been 12 years since coming out to live life..

..I met really good people..

..To be honest, when I saw Leeteuk hyung’s words, I teared..

..It’s a truth I really hate to admit..

..But nothing is possible without hyung..

..Being able to reach till today like this, it was only possible because of hyungie..

..Teukie hyung who, if we cry, we cry together, if we laugh, we laugh together..

..Teukie hyung who, thinks about others before himself and although it’s just a little more, he’d give others even more..

..He’s superb during broadcasts..

..Even though (he) knows everything, the feeling is like he’s not joking around ^^..

..Although there are times when (he) makes the atmosphere a little uncomfortable..

..Teuk, who never admits to failure and is willing to bravely challenge anything..^^..

..Even when I’m 40 or 50, I will believe in hyung ^^..

..I love you!!Hyung-nim!!..

..Hyung-nim, don’t feel lonely… I will continue nagging right beside you ^^..

..Even 10 years from now on ^^..

..Suju leader Leeteuk!! Leeteuk who is stronger than anyone else!! You are truly the thumb-wrestling king!!^^..


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this is Hae’s response to this Teuk’s Entry.


lolol Sae. Her "wao~" is so cute XD

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