Đêm khuya

Đêm nay mình lảm nhảm quá đủ rồi, quá khích như vậy cũng đủ rồi. Những thằng con trai mình có thiện cảm tốt đều theo gái mà đi rồi. Những đứa con gái mình thân cũng theo trai bỏ mình rồi.

Buồn mà, hội FA bảo thế chứ có được mấy mống đâu :)) bọn nó thề chứ toàn là có người cua nhưng mà không thèm í chứ.

À nữa là đi tập xong khỏe ghê, bao nhiều stress bay đi hết veo, hết vèo rồi mất hút :))

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[TIME2SUB] 090425 Star Golden Bell - 2PM Cut

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090425 Gurilla Date - Lee Hyukjae

So what did YOU think?

Over the past few weeks I’ve received quite a bit of feedback from patrons about performances [all of it deeply appreciated]. One of the principal reasons I maintain a presence on the webs is to encourage that type of communication, and also to offer you the option to comment publicly on your encounters with my concerts at wcfsymphony, LO and elsewhere.

Here are some public comments from another forum – the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier ‘Community Bulletin Board’ [print-only] in the form of a May 1 submission from Rogers Crimmins of Mason City:

Bravo to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony and everyone involved in its recent presentation of ‘Oz with Orchestra.’ What an experience to see the timeless family classic Wizard of Oz presented on the big screen with full live orchestral accompaniment. The richness of the live music transported the audience to Kansas, the Emerald City and the witch’s castle, to say the least – it was like experiencing the movie for the first time. Also, what a delight to see all the children dressed in costume eagerly anticipating the event and then bubbling over with excitement following the performance. I know this event drew people from all directions who spent time and money in the Cedar Valley. The arts/culture experience – you just can’t beat it for its life enrichment and economic impact. First-class all the way, wcfsymphony!

Thanks, Rogers – couldn’t agree more with your assessment of the value of the arts in our lives.