Mail Monday! 08272012

It’s that day of the week again! How’s your monday going? For today, I will be answering the first three questions submitted by my lovely followers. If you don’t know what is Mail Monday and how it works, please refer here.

1. From Anonymous

A:  Hello Anon! You mean my blog banner with my logo? I actually made my banner through Adobe Illustrator. It’s really simple. No techniques to share,really. Haha. Just pure typing and tweaking some fonts and that’s it. I will probably make a new one soon! :)

2. From Anonymous

A: You should definitely try Nichido Onyx Eyeliner, ELF Pencil Eyeliner for the waterline. For brown, I suggest you try Ever Bilena Color Pencil in Brown which costs only P99! :)

3. From Anonymous

A:  It’s P3000 for an exclusive one-on-one makeup session. I teach the same course outline at Glaminar Makeup Artistry. To know more, please contact 09176084900. :)

And that ends my Mail Monday post! Keep the questions coming by asking me HERE! I hope to see you on my next blog post! ;)

I know I am not the sweet type of person, but I really love this cellphone keychain. It’s a pair actually, and the other one is with the person who keeps ruining my mind. He bought it from Tagaytay to be a souvenir for the both of us. I am forever in love with musical symbols and I remembered I once had earrings with this kind of design and now it’s gone. I hope I will not lose this one for this is from someone I really value.


I wrote a letter to ‘A’ this morning on the bus. It was wierd, letting every thought flow out like it used to be so easy. I was nervous, just sitting on the bus alone, and listening to everyone chatter away and catch up and banter on about how their summer was. While I, on the other hand, sat by myself, took out my iPod’s notepad and wrote and wrote and wrote.
When we got to school, it was nice seeing everyone again. Even everyone knew people weren’t looking forward to coming back to school, it was so easy to tell that they loved seeing old friends’ faces.
I gave Bess is late birthday present and got a late present from Patricia. ^^ bess ended up wearing my present today. (’:
My classes weren’t entirely bad either. Although, I have to admit that every teacher I ended up having was being way too anal about the rules. My CS class, for one, I didn’t know anyone in there, like a few other of my classes. I didnt end up getting AP world history, which annoyed me, i guess. But maybe I’ll ask about it tomorrow. And like last year, I once again have spread apart classrooms and too far to walk in between.. My Spanish teacher asked about my sister. So I guess I can expect to be compared to how good she was in class, this year.
Mr. Gearhart’s class is officially my favorite. Although it’s not the same classroom anymore, and there isn’t art club anymore, he’s still a lot more chill compared to everyone else.
I ended up sleeping on the bus next to JC, and walked home alone, since no one used to walk my way home besides the old seniors.
I’m tired now. Just thinking about seeing old faces and how much they changed and drifted. and how much it sucks that my Atech girls and Bess and I arent together for most of our classes or lunch. And how much I’ll have to step up my game to get those straight A’s I’m aiming for those year, and how I’m gonna have to majorly suck up to a few of my teachers who already don’t seem to like me..
Uuugh, a day in the year and Im already this tired? At this point, I think I’m down for a nap next to Rose and C afterschool everyday, and the few hours I get to spend doing keyclub stuff for fun and hours.
What is life.